Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Multiple Musings: YMCA SG Buffet Breakfast, Tiger Airways from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Changi Budget Terminal & KLIA-LCCT

I've been told that a four day stay in Singapore is not enough to visit every bit of landmark, resto or attraction listed on one's itinerary- for SG simply bursts with a thousand possibilities! Alongside this fact, our trip fell into the start of Singapore's unpredictable weather which somehow slowed us down. But we still managed to make the most of our stay down to the last few minutes. 
During our last buffet breakfast (included in the accommodations) at YMCA International House, we enjoyed these goodies:

                                      Nasi Lemak: Rice with Fried Fish and Shrimp Paste

                                                                      Fresh Salads

                              Sausages, Hash Brown, Eggs, Tofu and Kaya"Siopao"

                                                                    Fresh Fruits

                                                                   Sweet Beans

                                           Toasted Bread with Jam and Butter

                                           Chiffon rolls, bread pudding and sausages

                                                          Dalandan Juice and Coffee

                             Goodbye YMCA International House at One Orchard!
Clearly, YMCA had put up their Christmas decors a month before the blessed season even officially started. Funny thing was, when we first arrived, Tutapel went straight to the gift boxes and wanted to open one to my initial horror!

                                                My last photo in Orchard...

We hired an SUV cab to take us to the Changi Budget Terminal en route to Kuala Lumpur to accommodate all 6 of us. I believe that in Singapore, most cabs are only allowed to take 4 passengers, if I'm not mistaken. 

                                              Duty-Free at Changi Budget Terminal

To while away the hours, I checked out some cosmetics but shrieked in horror when I saw the price tags! Geez, so expensive!

                               The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Changi Budget Terminal

Although I wasn't really hungry, I still ordered this breakfast menu- Bagel with Tea- just so I'll have an idea on how their bagel tasted like. 

                       Love their palaman (spreads) consisting of cream cheese, jam and butter.

What can be more perfect than munching away a piece of hot bagel with three different layers of spreads to boot? Well, perhaps, hot pandesal with peanut butter or cocoa jam can challenge that alongside a breakfast of tapsilog or champorado with tuyo. Well, that's just me...

I wish I could tell you how this tea tasted like but sadly, I can't. For when I was about to take a sip, we realized that we were running late for our flight! I know, it's a total waste, but I had to throw it away. I can't run while holding my cup of tea at the same time.

                                                                       Tiger Airways
If you're planning to fly via Tiger Airways from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur or vice versa, you can prepare around PHP 2000 thereabouts for we paid PHP 1998.72 per head inclusive of the base fare, taxes and other services. We decided against travelling by land because it would take us around 7 hours before we reach KL as opposed to the one hour worth of travel time by air.
                                                                 Kodakan time!

Oh I wish I can use that term more often more so now that Kodak has already filed for bankruptcy in their US operations. It's sad to let Kodak go and undergo a restructuring plan but it's still a blessing that their operations in the Asia-Pacific region was not included in the petition. Life is not complete without Kodak despite the rise of digitals in the market today, if you ask me.

                                                  The lovely flight attendant teaching us the drills...

                                                                    ...and some more.

                                                                         Menu On board

                 I was just snapping these photos because food wasn't included in the plane fare.


    Tutapel running around the KLIA-LCCT!

Oh! Since we flew via Tiger Airways, we arrived at the KLIA-LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). Too bad.

Last time to see our Singapore Dollars before Bala exchanged them for some Malaysian Ringgit!

Free brochures about Malaysia for tourists! It only took me a few minutes before I grabbed a handful... 
Hello Malaysia-Truly Asia!


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  1. I envy you. You've been to a lot of places and having fun. Love reading your posts. :)

  2. Aaaawwe.. You are so lucky! I wish I could go to Singapore someday :) Everyone I know who's been there says it's really beautiful :)

    Kisses! xxx

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