Monday, February 20, 2012

Goodbye Prony! Meet Bohol's Newest "Poster Python!" ( With Raw HD Footage)

A visit to Bohol won't really be complete without a glimpse at the country's biggest python in captivity. But since I was not really a big fan of reptiles, I decided to just capture some of  the visitors' reactions on-camera which I found to be equally interesting. Although all of them were clearly afraid of the slimy reptile, they managed to pose and smile for posterity. I thought that they were very brave to do that because you can't expect me to even cross that scary line unless my very life depended on it. 

                                   Goodbye Prony! Meet the newest star python in Bohol!
If you've been to Bohol recently, you might have heard that the establishment behind Prony The Python was recently closed by the local government because of failure to pay some back taxes.

Bohol's newest "poster python!"
If my memory serves me right, this particular python is around 15 feet, 8 feet shy of Prony's total length. If that's the case then the python is probably lighter than Prony's 300 pounds.

                                                           An ostrich smiling nearby...
I guess this ostrich was unaffected by the python's popularity since its smile never left its face all throughout our visit. But the true star was the python who welcomed visitors and allowed them to take turns in photo ops "without eating them" even though it was hungry. Yes, you guessed it right. When a python's awake, it is famished. With that said, here's a video during our visit to the second largest python in captivity in the country. Pardon the shaky shot for I didn't bring any tripod during our trip. 

                                                  Taken from my YouTube Channel

Thank you for reading this post!
More about my Bohol sojourn in future articles.


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