Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bible Walk Academy & Himig ng Lahi Present HIMIG NG PUSO!

Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944) who is best known for his novella The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) once said, "Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction." Although it wouldn't hurt to have some romance every now and then, we also know that for any love relationship to work, a pledge of undying love and loyalty between partners is sometimes not enough most especially when idiosyncracies start getting in the way. Remember those cheesy lines that "had you at hello?" How about those adorable personality differences that made you exclaim, "He completes me!" while pulling a similar Tom Cruise stunt on Oprah by  jumping up and down the sofa with unexplained glee! 

                                                                 Himig ng Puso Concert
Although it might seem that your fairy tale romance is now a thing of the past, it doesn't have to stay that way. Why not give it another chance? Come to HIMIG NG PUSO, a different way to reconnect with your spouse by listening to love songs that speak about the special bond between man/wife and God to be performed by the Himig ng Lahi Music Team! Be further inspired by a one-of-a-kind talk on marriage and family from Life Coach Caesar "Butch" Conde. 
HIMIG NG PUSO happens this Saturday, February 11, 4PM at Crossraod 77, Mother Ignacia St. Quezon City. Tickets are priced at Php 500 and Php 1000. For more details, simply  leave a message on Himig ng Lahi Music Team's Facebook wall. 


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