Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Betty Boop Look-Alike, Collectibles & Apparel At Universal Studios Singapore

Originally, Max Fleisher conceptualized the character of Betty Boop to be the very first sex symbol in animation. Unlike Minnie Mouse for instance who was presented as an innocent female character to whom young girls can identify with, Betty Boop was created for a more mature audience. Betty didn't just look like the average bimbo (no pun intended), her creators made sure that she lived like it. With a wide range of R-18 story lines under her belt, who would have thought that her provocative cartoon life actually happened during the 1930s? 

However, with the implementation of the National Legion of Decency and Production Code of 1934, Betty's persona and branding changed into a more wholesome image. With the change, came the inevitable decline. The mature audience lost interest as Betty was made more accessible to the juvenile audience. Although her creators tried pairing her with the undisputed king of cartoons at the time, Popeye the Sailor Man, Betty bid adieu via Rhythm on the Reservation in 1939.

A Betty Boop Look-Alike In Character
It was the advent of home videos in the 1990s that brought Betty Boop in touch with modern audiences. Hollywood producers took notice and included Betty in the 1993 Academy-award winning film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

   An array of Betty Boop merchandise inside Universal Studios Singapore
Much has happened ever since and the whole Betty Boop persona has evolved into a lucrative business with countless products created out of  the once forgotten character. At Universal Studios Singapore, there was a whole room dedicated to Betty Boop with products ranging from pillows to towels to mugs, among others. 

                                                               Cool Betty Boop Shirts

    Standard Shirt Price at Universal Studios Singapore: SGD 29.90 or PHP 1021.25
In fact, Betty Boop apparel involving shirts and caps are some of the most popular souvenirs at the theme park.  
Other collectibles include the following:

  An assortment of Betty Boop Keychains selling from SGD 7.90 or PHP 270

Up Close Two Varieties of Betty Boop Keychains 

                          Cute Betty Boop Dolls Also Available at Stand-alone Shops at USS
It's a phenomenon why Betty Boop has managed to win the juvenile demographic in the 21st century when it was literally eclipsed by its more wholesome colleagues in the 1930s. Nowadays, when you ask somebody on why she  likes Betty Boop, adjectives like cute, sexy, pretty and demure will come out without any reference to the sexual innuendos that brought the character a host of problems more than a generation ago.
It could only mean two things, if you ask me:
One: She just likes how the Betty character looks like and doesn't really care about her beginnings;
OR: She has watched her old films before and found nothing provocative about her due to the more liberated society we now live in.


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