Betty Boop Look-Alike, Collectibles & Apparel At Universal Studios Singapore

Originally, Max Fleisher conceptualized the character of Betty Boop to be the very first sex symbol in animation. Unlike Minnie Mouse for instance who was presented as an innocent female character to whom young girls can identify with, Betty Boop was created for a more mature audience. Betty didn't just look like the average bimbo (no pun intended), her creators made sure that she lived like it. With a wide range of R-18 story lines under her belt, who would have thought that her provocative cartoon life actually happened during the 1930s? 

However, with the implementation of the National Legion of Decency and Production Code of 1934, Betty's persona and branding changed into a more wholesome image. With the change, came the inevitable decline. The mature audience lost interest as Betty was made more accessible to the juvenile audience. Although her creators tried pairing her with the undisputed king of cartoons at the time, Popeye the Sailor Man, Betty bid adieu via Rhythm on the Reservation in 1939.

A Betty Boop Look-Alike In Character
It was the advent of home videos in the 1990s that brought Betty Boop in touch with modern audiences. Hollywood producers took notice and included Betty in the 1993 Academy-award winning film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

   An array of Betty Boop merchandise inside Universal Studios Singapore
Much has happened ever since and the whole Betty Boop persona has evolved into a lucrative business with countless products created out of  the once forgotten character. At Universal Studios Singapore, there was a whole room dedicated to Betty Boop with products ranging from pillows to towels to mugs, among others. 

                                                               Cool Betty Boop Shirts

    Standard Shirt Price at Universal Studios Singapore: SGD 29.90 or PHP 1021.25
In fact, Betty Boop apparel involving shirts and caps are some of the most popular souvenirs at the theme park.  
Other collectibles include the following:

  An assortment of Betty Boop Keychains selling from SGD 7.90 or PHP 270

Up Close Two Varieties of Betty Boop Keychains 

                          Cute Betty Boop Dolls Also Available at Stand-alone Shops at USS
It's a phenomenon why Betty Boop has managed to win the juvenile demographic in the 21st century when it was literally eclipsed by its more wholesome colleagues in the 1930s. Nowadays, when you ask somebody on why she  likes Betty Boop, adjectives like cute, sexy, pretty and demure will come out without any reference to the sexual innuendos that brought the character a host of problems more than a generation ago.
It could only mean two things, if you ask me:
One: She just likes how the Betty character looks like and doesn't really care about her beginnings;
OR: She has watched her old films before and found nothing provocative about her due to the more liberated society we now live in.


TAG: My Top Four Best Red Carpet Looks From The 84th Academy Awards!

Ever since I was little, watching the Oscars has been a big deal for me. I'm so passionate about it that the only thing missing would be for me to throw a Mini-Oscar Party for Two- for Tutapel and myself while watching the Awards Show.

Every year, I get psyched about the gowns, make-up and accessories associated with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood's biggest night. This year though, I'm sort of disappointed that some of my favorite stars were MIA. What further the disillusionment was my favorites who were there, committed some fashion faux pas on the red carpet.

Thankfully, there were 4 Red Carpet Looks that absolutely took my breath away. 
Here are they:

1.  Milla Jovovich

   Milla looked like a goddess in this gorgeous one-shoulder Elie Saab dress fitted perfectly to show off her lovely curves. Paired with short, curly hair and red lipstick, she emitted that sort of old Hollywood feel in an edgy kind of way. 

2. Michelle Williams

 She looked absolutely divine in this coral strapless Louis Vuitton peplum gown. The magnificent color made her stand-out from the rest and with her pixie cut as an accessory, she was successful in projecting both a whimsical yet eclectic look.     

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

 Gwyneth was downright gorgeous in this white Tom Ford dress with a matching cape that screamed elegance from a afar. Everything about this ensemble complemented one another down to the Anna Hu jewels she was wearing.

                                                                 4. Cameron Diaz

 When paired with Cameron's gorgeous bod, this off-white strapless gown by Gucci looked even more beautiful and stunning.

How about you, what's your favorite Oscar look this year?


Michelle Williams' Oscar Nominated Role In "My Week With Marilyn" Reminds Me Of The Ms. Monroe Character At Universal Studios Singapore! (With Short Raw HD Clip)

My Week with Marilyn: Nominated for Best Actress (Michelle Williams) and Best Supporting Actor (Kenneth Branagh)

Courtesy of
Williams' portrayal of the iconic Marilyn Monroe must have been really awesome for her to win Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical at this year's Golden Globes and even an Oscar nomination for the same role.  

While looking at this photo, I can't help but feel like the silver screen icon just sprung to life?
Don't you think so too?
Somehow I was reminded by my very first encounter with a Marilyn Monroe character on the streets of the Universal Studios Singapore Theme Park. 
Here's a short clip:

                                             Taken from my YouTube Channel
The girl was sooo in character even after the photo was taken. Love that about her!
And for the star's fans wishing to have their own MM collectibles at home, just take a look at these: 

                                                 Marilyn Monroe Slippers and Towels 

                                           Marilyn Monroe Lunchbox, Clock and Tin Can
Interested to get your hands on one of these amazing finds? 

        Simply go to the Universal Studios Store or Silver Screen Collectibles Merchandise Shop, both located in the Hollywood section of the theme park.
On that note, here are some brochure scans of Universal Studios Singapore to help you visualize the place. 



What To Get Someone Who's Been Bitten By The Oscar Awards Bug? What Else But Oscar-like Statuettes and Shirts From Resorts World Sentosa Or Universal Studios Singapore!

In Singapore, it's much easier to get a token for someone psyched by the whole Oscar Awards frenzy.

                                    Statuettes start from SGD 9.90 or around PHP 338.00

When you visit That's A Wrap Gift Shop at Resorts World Sentosa, just outside the gates of the Universal Studios Theme Park, you'll find an assortment of Oscar-like statuettes to bring any silver screen fanatic to frenzy!

        But if you want to go all the way and check out the theme park, simply go to the Universal Studios Store or Silver Screen Collectibles Merchandise Shop, both located in the Hollywood section, to get hold of these amazing finds. 

Oh yes you can choose from a wide array of trophies: 
Best Sweetheart; Best Teacher; Best Student; Best Wife...

World's Best Girlfriend...

World's Greatest Singer; World's Greatest Grandpa; Happy Birthday to the Best!
Golden Oscars with catchy titles enough to melt anyone's heart. 

There's even a special shirt made for somebody enamored by the whole art of acting. 

If you want to make an even greater impact, why not go for the Best Actress shirt selling for SGD 29.90 or PHP 1016?

You can even find Best Actor or Best Director shirts lurking somewhere for the same price.
On that note, here are some brochure scans of Universal Studios Singapore to help you visualize the place. 

       Oh, there's really no business like show business, don't you think so too?


Watch the Complete Coverage of the 84th Academy Awards on Velvet Skycable Channel 53!

Who will win the most coveted Oscar for Best Actor?

Will it be George Clooney for The Descendants or Ides of March ?

                                                          Courtesy of Just

Or Brad Pitt for Moneyball?

                                                        Courtesy of Just

But the 2012 Academy Awards is not just about honoring the best in films but is also known for the glitz and glamour associated with the Stars' Red Carpet Arrivals.

                                                             Courtesy of Just
For one, Brad and Angelina are expected to make a grand entrance reminiscent of the time they were both nominated for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Changeling. 

Some of the stars I wish to see on the Red Carpet are:

                                                                     Scarlett Johanssen

                                                                        Halle Berry

                                                                Reese Witherspoon

                                                                      Nicole Kidman

Another reason, I'm excited to watch this year's Academy Awards is because Billy Crystal is hosting the show after several years of absence! 

Watch the complete coverage of the 84TH ACADEMY AWARDS, Monday, February 27, 2012 on Velvet Skycable Channel 53

6:00am On the Red Carpet: The Arrivals

8:00am The 84th Academy Awards Pre-Show

9:30am The 84th Academy Awards Ceremony


6:00pm On the Red Carpet: The Arrivals

8:00pm The 84th Academy Awards Pre-Show

9:30pm The 84th Academy Awards Ceremony

February 28, Tuesday


9:00pm On the Red Carpet: The Winners

March 3, Saturday


2:30pm On the Red Carpet: The Arrivals

4:30pm The 84th Academy Awards Pre-Show

6:00pm The 84th Academy Awards Ceremony

9:00pm On the Red Carpet: The Winners