Monday, January 2, 2012

What It Was Like To Hop Aboard The Madagascar Crate Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore

After that crazy roller coaster ride dubbed Revenge of the Mummy located in Ancient Egypt at Universal Studios Singapore, we were ready for yet another adventure, but something that was certainly much tamer than the one we just had.

                            Madagascar: A Crate Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore

                            Madagascar: A Crate Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore

The solution? Hopping aboard a laid-back boat ride called Madagascar: A Crate Adventure which somehow reminded me of  Disneyland's It's A Small World in all aspects.

In this particular ride though, the stars were Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo. This hilarious quartet and uber dependable Central Park “Zoosters” decided to work together with the outlandish leader of the local lemurs, King Julien and of course the Universal Studios Singapore guests, to overthrow the abominable Foosa! With the presence of  some technically-savvy and amusing Penguins, the heroes and guests are able to bring down the Foosa at the rim of a "percolating"  volcanic cauldron.

Here are some of the life-size characters, set and prop designs found in Madagascar: A Crate Adventure brought to life by Dreamworks Animation and Universal Parks and Resorts:

Everything was running smoothly until I saw this particular smoky effect.

Oh goodness! For some reason, I can't help but remember that scary Revenge of the Mummy ride which I wasn't really prepared for. Thank goodness, in this particular crate ride, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

And when the boat took this turn, the inevitable happened.

We were about to get wet; but not that wet. Just a drizzle, courtesy of Marty and Morty. It was funny because I over reacted and dunked for my still and video cameras...

Sayang! (Translation: Too bad!) Our ride was almost over!

                         Madagascar: A Crate Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore

Oh! I was so glad we made time for this USS attraction. If only this attraction wasn't about to close, I would most definitely go for another one. The ride rocks!

Here are some brochure scans of Universal Studios Singapore just in case you're planning for another visit.

                                                   Universal Studios Singapore Brochure

                                                   Universal Studios Singapore Brochure

                                             Universal Studios Singapore Brochure

It's really great being a kid at heart!

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  1. Happy new year Kaye! Thanks for the virtual tour (I'm a Penguins of Madagascar fan). How great it is that you were able to experience this ride! They even got Roger the alligator.

  2. hi dear salmoncat!happy new year to you too!!! wow! another fan as well! great! you also went to USS right? great to hear from you!

  3. this ride was yet to open when we went there. :(

    "And when the boat took this turn, the inevitable happened." -they like doing this 'no? just before the ride ends something happens.