Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What BreadTalk Transit Was Like At Somerset MRT Station in Singapore

I was told that in Singapore, riding the MRT is the most convenient and most affordable way to go around as a tourist.

                                                            Somerset MRT Station

I now believe that to be true after hopping on and off SG's priced MRT several times during our stay a month ago. I was also highly-impressed with its clean, well-maintained and modern facilities reminiscent of a state-of-the-art airport, if you ask me.

                                                          State-of-the art MRT in Singapore

Pit stop: Somerset Station

Since the MRT is also connected to malls just like here in the Philippines, we got introduced to some interesting restos and stores. We were also reacquainted with some familiar brands such as BreadTalk. However, inside the MRT, there's something else attached to its name-TRANSIT. I later found out that this particular set-up was introduced by the management in 2010, as a quick stop for customers on the go.  Since it required a smaller space and leaner staff, the management believes that it is the quickest, most effective way to saturate the city with BreadTalk's concept.

                      Rolandito, Bala and Tutapel goofing around in front of BreadTalk Transit. 

Snapping photos of some of the available breads they have that day. Yum...

BreadTalk Transit at Somerset MRT Station in Singapore

Wow! I can't believe they were selling floss there. Too bad I wasn't able to buy one! I thought that since there were a lot of BreadTalk branches around Singapore, I could just buy one anytime. But the idea totally slipped my mind afterwards.

                                          Cool Gingerbread cookies for SGD 2 or PHP 66!

I love croissants! And the bread creations on the bottom shelf looked yummy too.

BreadTalk Transit at Somerset MRT Station in Singapore

Yummy cakes that made me salivate! When I was about to take a closer shot, I was told that taking photos was strictly prohibited. Oh! Okay, I said. And when I went to see Ren who was already paying at the cashier's, I caught the cashier's response: Yun lang po?

BreadTalk Singapore's Signature Cakes

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  1. I super love BreadTalk here in Manila! :D

  2. I love Bread Talk! They're everywhere in Singapore (to my utmost delight).

  3. I love breadtalk too!!

  4. @u8mypinkcookies: breadtalk has some of the bet breads i know. thanks for the visit!

    @ Mrs A: you're absolutely right! love the pics in your blog btw.

    @michymichymoo: breadtalk's my favorite too.

  5. wow! I can't help but smile after reading this blog and after seeing the pictures. Miss you guys!