Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Watching Karylle and Christian Bautista in The Kitchen Musical on Malaysian TV

While watching Anthony Bourdain's TV show, I remember telling Tutapel to simply eat on the table instead of munching this Malaysian delicacy everywhere resulting to sticky crumbs on the floor.

                                       Piccolo Hotel in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

I spent the succeeding minutes running after Tutapel and cleaning the crumbs as they fell off. Oh! The job of being a mother, I thought. There's nothing like it! Thankfully, I was able to convince my precocious toddler to stay put and just watch TV with me.

And before I knew it, Bourdain was saying good-bye! I flipped channels in time for a new show: The Kitchen Musical. 

I told myself that the girl really looked so familiar...

I stared at her for some time...

...and scrutinized her face some more. Oh my goodness! That's Karylle! Well, you can't blame me for being clueless. Seeing Filipino artists on Malaysian TV was something I never really expected. And since I laid-low from watching showbiz talk shows for awhile, I didn't know that Karylle was on any Asian TV series at all.

                                                        Karylle on The Kitchen Musical

                                                   Karylle on The Kitchen Musical

To be honest, Karylle was a delight to watch. Okay, delightful is not enough to fully describe how amazing she was on this TV show. For starters, she didn't look like she was acting at all. Proof was that I totally forgot about Karylle the actress; but, instead watched Maddie Avilon, her alter ego, came alive before my eyes. If you ask me, Karylle should immerse herself in overseas projects and take advantage of her communication, acting, dancing and singing skills to the max.
                                               Christian Bautista on The Kitchen Musical

                                             Christian Bautista on The Kitchen Musical

                                             Christian Bautista on The Kitchen Musical

I was also quite amazed to find out that Christian Bautista was also in this series. He played Karylle's co-worker and from the way several scenes were played out, I sensed that he was secretly in love with her. It was amusing to see him in this kind of role which was sort of goofy, geeky and romantic all in one. One thing I can say though, his chemistry with Karylle was undeniable. And of course, I don't need to emphasize the fact that his singing voice was topnotch.

My understanding is that The Kitchen Musical is a Singaporean production which aims to portray several elements from "Glee" and "Hell's Kitchen" by featuring the culinary world in a Glee-like manner. A plethora of British, Asian and Pinoy actors are in the cast which made it an amalgamation of cultures as expressed in accents, acting and nuances. It premiered in early October 2011 across Asia and Europe, and it will continue to air until this month.

                                          The Kitchen Musical courtesy of TGE Singapore

Try catching this one-of-a-kind show by referring to the schedule down below:

AXN (SG/MY/HK) Sat 2.40pm & 8.00pm, Sun 3.15am & 9.20am, Fri 9.05pm
AXN (TH/ID) Sat 1.40pm & 7.00pm, Sun 2.15am & 8.20am, Fri 8.05pm
AXN (PH) Mon 9.05pm & 11.50pm, Tue 1.05pm, Wed 8.10pm , Sat 2.25pm, Sun 3.30pm, 10.45am
Studio 23 (Philippines) Saturdays at 7.30pm
NTV7 (Malaysia) Tuesdays 8.30pm
Metro TV (Indonesia) Saturdays 9.30pm, Sundays 11.05am

Happy viewing!

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  1. aww thank you! =) so touched by your post! =) happy 2012! love,K

  2. Wow! Thanks so much Ms. Karylle for visiting my blog, I didn't expect you to get to read this. I do hope to see you in more international projects in the future and see you shine and shine and shine! a blessed new year to you too!