Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Virtual Tour of the Asian Food Channel Store at Orchard Central Singapore

When our Singapore Trip was finally confirmed, visiting the Asian Food Channel Store was on my list of Top Ten Must-See Places in the City. As an AFC fan, I thought that seeing it up close is the next best thing to viewing my favorite shows live. So after the family split-up after our three-hour pit-stop at the Dreams and Reality Exhibit at the National Museum of Singapore, Bala, Tutapel and myself proceeded to the Asian Food Channel.

We had quite an adventure before finding our destination for we made a couple of misguided calls. Instead of going to Orchard Central Mall, we went inside 313@Somerset Mall because according to what I've found out, AFC is near Somerset Station. As it turned out, everything was near Somerset Station! It was a good thing, Bala took charge once again and found the right mall.

                                                        Asian Food Channel Store

As soon as I saw this familiar scene, my heart went a flutter. Before, I was just watching and wishing that I could see AFC up close. When it finally happened, everything seemed surreal. On this note, allow me to take you on a guided tour of the famed AFC Store at Orchard Central.

The store boasted of a number of flat TV screens that simultaneously showed the live programming  of the Asian Food Channel.


                         An Asian Food Channel Apron in Elegant Black for SGD 26 or PHP 884

Of course, AFC won't be complete without its signature aprons.

  An array of multi-hued shirts makes the Asian Food Channel Store extra vibrant and exciting.

                                               Asian Food Channel Store: Wok Star

                                         Asian Food Channel Store: Chef Wannabe

                              Asian Food Channel Store: Yummy Mummy Orange Shirt

A closer look however revealed various word plays that made the shirts even more interesting. The price however was quite steep for each shirt was sold for SGD 26 or PHP 884 each.

Go Green with AFC Shopping Totes serve as eco-friendly alternatives to the predominantly used plastic bags we now have.

      A plethora of kitchen utensils to tease chef wannabes, culinary experts and foodies alike.

An immaculately clean kitchen that hosts Cook-O-Rama sessions for just about anyone serious about the art of cooking.

                                     Souvenir Items at the Asian Food Channel Store

                                  On-going broadcast of the Asian Food Channel Studio

Multi-Themed Notebooks: Foodie at Work, Food Diva, Wok Star and Chef Wannabe at the Asian food Channel Store selling at SGD 12 or PHP 408 each.

                Interesting Asian Food Channel Bookmarks in Yellow and Lemon Green

                                          An array of wonderful books to choose from.


                             Colorful Asian Food Channel Coasters and other trinkets

Popular TV Personalities featured on the Asian Food Channel. Off the top of my head (L-R): Martin Yang,  sorry, I forgot his name and the third one's name rhymes with Robert Redford. hihihi.

I think I'll fare better with this bunch: Chef Wan; Anthony Bourdain; Jamie Oliver; Nigella Lawson. See!

                       On our left, I saw a bunch of goodies available at the AFC Store.

We tried this delish but rather petite scone for SGD 1.80 or PHP 66.

And another petite creation, this time a mouthwatering heart-shaped cake of the day with an amazing lychee filling and crust for SGD 3.25 or PHP 110. When I look back, it was one of those visits, worth repeating over and over again. I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour as much as I had fun showing you around.

Asian Food Channel Store
7th Floor Orchard Central Mall
Orchard Road Near Somerset Station


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  1. I love AFC! I'll make sure to visit this the next time I'll go to SG.. :) Thank you so much for sharing us your AFC experience. I'm drooling over those pictures.

  2. @Meitzeu lee: yes they do. isn't it wonderful?

    @ Sumi Go: hi sis! oh! i'm sure you gonna love it when you go thereon your next visit to Singapore. do blog about it, okay? thanks once again for the visit!