Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Peek Into Shrek 4-D Adventure, Magic Potion Spin & Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop at Universal Studios Singapore

Before exploring Madagscar, we decided to stroll around Far Far Away which featured 4 magical attractions, 3 restos and 1 shop.

                                            Far Far Away Castle at Universal Studios Singapore

                                 Also known as Shrek's Castle at Universal Studios Singapore

Oh! I knew instantly that we have arrived at the famed Far Far Away thanks to this imposing castle popularized in the movie Shrek.  I can't help but smile while snapping some photos because it reminded me of the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Hong Kong Disneyland and the Cinderella Castle in Tokyo Disneyland which are considered to be lovely landmarks at Disneylands' Fantasyland.


                                              Oh! Shrek is the absolute cutest ogre there is!

Because we were pressed for time, we dashed to watch Shrek 4-D, one of the most popular attractions at Universal Studios Singapore.

                                   Far Far Away (Universal Studios Singapore)at night!

                                                  Grand facade of Shrek's beautiful castle

                                                            It's viewing time!

                                                        Rrrrr! The look of true love... 

                                                       Fugitive on the loose?

                                              Snapshots of Shrek's gorgeous castle 

                                                           Sanitized 3-D glasses for the guests
  Can't wait to see the show!

Shrek 4-D was every bit of fun and exciting as I expected it to be. I found myself reaching for those incredible 4-D images with gusto and felt the cool winds on my skin when Shrek and Fiona flew away from the vengeful ghost of Lord Farquaad. This attraction bore a stunning resemblance to Mickey's Philharmagic in Hong Kong Disneyland which I found pretty amusing.

As elegant looking up close as it is captured right here on photo, the wooden materials shine magnificently in a wash of neutrals and earth colors.

                                     A fantastical ferris wheel for both kids and adults alike

                                  Bala and Tutapel enjoying this simple yet delightful ride

This attraction situated beside the Magic Potion Spin features an assortment of souvenir items based from the Dreamworks animated movie Shrek.

                                                                     It's time to shop!

                                             Fluffy Shrek stuff toys starting from SGD 23

                                                   Shrek Shirts starting from SGD 20

                                                             Cute Fiona Accessories 

                                                  Awwww! Aren't they the cutest or what!

                                                            Interesting trinkets for girls

                                                                    Lovely Fiona dolls

                                 A vivid line of apparel with shirts starting from SGD 20

                                                Gingy, The Gingerbread Man stuff toys

                                               Alas! It's time to leave Far Far Away...

                                                             Till we meet again!

By the way, here are some brochure scans of Universal Studios Singapore to give you an idea on what's in store on your visit.



                                             Universal Studios Singapore Brochure


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  1. woooo :) sis Kaye am sooo envious!!!
    wish I could have some time and funds to be there as well!!!

    >> certified lakwatsera ka Sis @_@
    >> thanks for dropping by

  2. you're the sweetest kikayferry!!! thank you! i'm sure malapit na yan at mas marami ka pang pupuntahan. can't wait to read your posts again. all the best! hugs!

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