Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lunch at Shui Kee (Choy Kee) Along Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur ♪♪

That day, we were left famished after lingering at the picturesque KLCC Gardens to get that perfect shot with the famed Petronas Towers in the background. We arrived at the popular Jalan Alor district by cab to try out some authentic Malaysian cuisine. If not for my super kind blogger friend from Malaysia, Daniel of emotions, I wouldn't have known that such place even existed.  

Famous Streets of Jalan Alor

          Exploring the restos/stalls along Jalan Alor 

My boys: Bala and Tutapel hand in hand along Jalan Alor

A colorful tarp found on one of the street posts made me do a double take

According to Ren, some fashionable looking people entered one of the restos and on Ren's prompting, we followed them and found out that they entered Choy Kee Resto.

    Well, that got our attention. And this huge menu sealed the deal. 

Once we've settled, we began perusing the menu. More fashionable people in fancy cars started coming in which made us think that Choy Kee must be the "it" place here in Jalan Alor.

                                                Choy Kee Jalan Alor Noodles and Drinks List

More dishes to consider...

I was told this menu featured some of their bestsellers that was why I concentrated on choosing which one Bala and Tutapel would like. One of the servers called the owner to assist us since she was the only one who spoke English. She was very kind and patient in describing to us what made each dish special in a way. After some time, we decided to have the following drinks and dishes.

Teh-O (RM 1.30 or PHP 24)
Refreshingly cold milk tea!

Coke (RM 2.20 or PHP 31)
 With a zesty Malaysian Twist!

           Ren's Choice: Interestingly Delish Tom Yam Seafood (RM 8.50 or PHP 119)

An assortment of seafood swimming in a pool of hot and tangy soup.

Mama Lydz's Choice: The Very Flavorful Fish Ball Noodle (RM 6.50 or PHP 91.50)

A plethora of fish balls, bok choy and noodles in a sea of deeply flavorful soup topped with garlic and green onions.

Rolandito's Choice: The Rustic and Unique Dry Curry Chicken Noodle (RM 6.50 or PHP 91.50)

Egg noodles with soya and curry sauce topped with several curry chicken pieces and green onions. Served with lime and sambal.

Our Choice: Choy Kee's Signature Dish-Fish Head Noodle (Large: RM 7.50 or PHP 106)

Fried fish head with an irresistible crunch mixed with tofu and fresh veggies in a pool of mild tasting milk soup. I would have wanted the soup to have a sharper and deeper flavor though. The thin vermicelli noodles or beehon were okay but we found them hard to eat maybe because of their generous portion served in one lump. It took some effort on our part to cut them into bite-sized pieces and we can't help but think that if we chose the thick vermicelli noodles instead, we didn't have to put in so much effort in eating the dish. The fried fish head as well caused us further problems because it was quite risky to swallow bits and pieces of it even if we wanted to. If there's a next time, I would definitely go for the other three dishes instead of the Fish Head Noodle.

Shui Kee Restaurant Jalan Alor
♪♪ Good. It's worth a try.

Jalan Alor Chinese Hawker Stalls
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: 7 AM to 4PM


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  1. Yum! The dry curry chix noodle looks really tempting. :)

  2. You're so right Mrs. A. I sort of wished that I also ordered that one...

  3. I'll go for Curry Seafood. *drooling* :)

  4. Rachelle Angela InumerableJanuary 29, 2012 at 12:50 AM

    I would love to visit KL! Thanks for this. I now know some places that I can go to if I travel here. I want to try their milk tea too.

  5. @ vallarfax: i so agree with you...

    @ Rachelle: you're right Rachelle. every foodie would love KL!