Thursday, January 19, 2012

Light Dinner At Newton Circus Hawker Center in Singapore ♪♪

Desserts before dinner? Yes, that was exactly the chronology of events during our first day in Singapore. Two hours earlier, we had pancakes and coffee designed with the adorable Peanuts characters on top at Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore at 313@Somerset.

                                            Newton Circus Hawker Center At Night
Although we were still quite full, we decided to try out Newton Circus since it was the nearest hawker center from our hotel. As soon as we stepped foot on this place, we were welcomed by an exuberant bunch of touts who never left us until we found a seat and ordered food. Although the whole process was rather annoying, they were a jolly bunch and truly aimed to please. One of them even talked to Tutapel enthusiastically which made me smile and liked  her a bit more. 

My understanding is that Newton Circus is known for touts who solicit business for their respective stalls by following you wherever you go. Although they would emphasize that you are free to choose from whichever stall you like, they stick to you like jellyfish making the whole process rather troublesome. Despite this, they were some of the nicest, friendliest and jolliest vendors we have ever encountered in Singapore.  

                             Stall 71 Hup Lee Fruit Juice, Newton Circus Hawker Center

We tried these new soda flavors from Stall 71: Hup Lee Fruit Juice with the touts serving us every step of the way.

                                  Stall 72: R&B Express sells amazing Satay and Popiah 

                              Satay (minimum order of 10 sticks: around SGD 6 or PHP 200)
Satay from this stall was pure love! I love how it created a delightful burst of flavors in my mouth when I first bit into it and when dunked into the peanut sauce, the satay tasted even more flavorful and alive! It's a 5/5 in my book. Truly a must try!

                                     Plain Po-piah (Min 2 Rolls: SGD 1.70 or PHP 88)
Reminiscent of our native delicacy, lumpiang sariwa, po-piah is also covered in a paper thin-like white wrapper that houses an array of ingredients including grated carrots, chopped peanuts, lettuce leaves, bean sprouts and pork bits, to name a few. This particular popiah had a unique taste perhaps because of the addition of some spices and ingredients inherent in the region. The sweet sauce added a degree of friendliness to the dish which made me grab for a whole lot more. It was a good thing that I ordered it because we weren't able to try the famed Sisters Crispy Popiah at Imbi Market when we went to Kuala Lumpur a few days later.

                                                               Fishball Soup
Although the hot soup was heartifying, I'm afraid there wasn't really anything unique about this dish so you won't really miss a lot if you skip this.

Newton Circus Hawker Center 
♪♪ Good. It's worth a try.

Newton Circus Hawker Center
Scotts Road
Go down Newton MRT Station then up the overpass to go to the other side where Newton Circus is located
Open everyday from 5PM to 4AM

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