Sunday, January 22, 2012

Juice of the Day (JOTD): Tipco Broccoli & Mixed Fruit Juice Plus My Favorite Vanness Wu Song - Having You Near From The Glossy Taiwanese Idol Drama Material Queen

Remember the saying, "the bitter the better?" At least, that's not the case in Tipco Broccoli & Mixed Fruit Juice.

Tipco Broccoli & Mixed Fruit Juice (around PHP 120 at leading supermarkets)
Whoever knew that a drink as green as this can taste so yummy it will leave you wanting for more. That's what happened to me when I almost finished it all in one seating! I never expected this green drink to be so addicting and yet so good for the body. With those wonderful vitamins and anti-oxidants found in broccoli and fresh fruits without a trace of any added sucrose, I feel joyful and content knowing that I'm able to satisfy some of my veggie and fruit requirements for the day. From all the Tipco juices I've tried before, this particular mixture is my ultimate favorite alongside another green variant: Tipco Spinach & Mixed Fruit Juice. Get it at your favorite supermarket for around PHP 120.

Material Queen stars Taiwanese hearthrob/musician/entrepreneur Vanness Wu and supermodel Lynn Hung
You know what's coming of course. A music video pairing to go along with my JOTD. I chose not just one MV but two because like in the case of the Tipco Broccoli & Mixed Fruit Juice, I've been addicted to the drama and soundtrack of Material Queen! I consider it to be one of the glossiest Taiwanese series ever produced that can rival any Korean or Japanese production in terms of  acting, international location shoots, costume design, music and cinematography among others.

                                                      The show had me at this photo!
I really didn't have to know that the costume design was done by Patricia Fields of the Sex & the City slash Devil Wears Prada fame because the drama had me at this photo! Nonetheless, those gorgeous dresses, shoes, bags and other accessories incorporated in the drama was taken to a whole new level by making the cast wear them in Paris-believed by some to be the most romantic city in the world!

                                                Courtesy of YHeavenlove on YouTube
If there's one song that has kept me mesmerized right this very minute, it's a cut from Vanness Wu's latest album C'es la V which was also used as one of the tracks in the drama. Having You Near opens with a melancholic violin passage followed shortly by an accompanying piano to produce one of the most haunting yet mellifluous musical strains I've ever heard. Vanness Wu's familiar baritone voice that first had me during his meteoric rise as part of the phenomenal F4 boy band, provided a nostalgic feel to the exquisite arrangement.  

                                                 Courtesy of wingyi131 on YouTube
If you're a classical music fan like I am, you will also love the instrumental version of Having You Near Me which provided a dose of truth and honesty to every scene.

Footnote: Thank you so much Mars Cel for introducing me to this oh so lovely drama!


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  1. OMG Vaness Wu :D

  2. hi aiMee! soo glad to hear that you're also a fan!

  3. Do you know the title/name of the music played by yi xian in piano with the man with sax @ episode 19?

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