Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hair of the Day (HOTD) By David's for Rever

For some reason, I wanted to have my hair layered only around my face and not at the back which meant a salon change from Tony & Jackey (T&J) to David's Salon which was exactly where I usually had my hair done prior to my discovery of  (T&J).

Just in case you're interested, I'm wearing Revlon Luminista in Burgundy Brown.

     I missed my old hairstyle inspired by Jennifer Aniston's beloved Rachel character from my favorite series Friends. Although Christ McMillan created this particular style years ago, I think that it is as hip as the day Rachel first sported the look in Season 2 of Friends. And with David's trademark blowout, I truly can't hide how delighted I was with this simple hairstyle change.

David's Salon for Rever
SM The Block
Trim starts from PHP 200


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