Monday, January 23, 2012

Enjoying Mochi Sweets at Tokyo Street, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

An hour and a half before the cab picked us up from our hotel for the airport, we made our last trip to Tokyo Street at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur for some Shimino Japanese Crepes and of course some highly-innovative treats from Mochi Sweets Japanese Luxury Deli.

                                      Tokyo Street on the 6th floor of  Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

        Tokyo Street showcases the beauty of Japan in terms of its diverse food culture. 

           Mochi Sweets Japanese Luxury Deli at Tokyo Street, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
From among these glorious wooden stalls lies Mochi Sweets Japanese Luxury Deli known for its array of delish and highly-creative mochi made from authentic Japanese ingredients.

                                      Mochi: Japan's Traditional Food For The New Year
Made of glutinous rice pounded into a paste and molded into shape, mochi is a popular Japanese delicacy and remains to be an important part during the celebration of the Japanese New Year. 

Wanna take a peek at the 12 exciting variants at Mochi Sweets Japanese Luxury Deli?

Mochi Sweets: Cream Chocolate(RM 3.50 or PHP 49);
Black Chocolate(RM 4 or PHP 56)

Mochi Sweets: Chestnut Cream(RM 4 or PHP 56);
Blueberries Cream(RM 4 or PHP 56)

Mochi Sweets: Mango Yoghurt(RM 4 or PHP 56);
Blueberries Cream(RM 4 or PHP 56)

         Mochi Sweets: Strawberry(RM 3.50 or PHP 49);
Green Tea(RM 3.50 or PHP 49)

Mochi Sweets: Red Bean(RM 3.50 or PHP 49); 
Japanese Purple Tea Tea(RM 3.50 or PHP 49)

Mochi Sweets: Caramel Macchiato(RM 3.50 or PHP 49);
Peach Cream(RM 3.50 or PHP 49)

     My simple purchase from Mochi Sweets Japanese Luxury Deli.

I didn't buy much because I was informed that I needed to consume the mochi within the day.

                                       Delightful Mochi from Mochi Sweets Japanese Luxury Deli
It would have been great though if I purchased 1 box instead of just buying three pieces because the 2 mochi treats were flattened when I took them back to the Philippines. Since my tummy could just handle one piece and everyone else in the family was full, the two gorgeous mochi suffered in one of my carry-on luggage as a direct result.

       I bought three variants: Green Tea, Blueberry Cream and Cream Chocolate.
So how did I find the famed mochi from Tokyo Street? Well, I thought that the mochi was sweet as expected but every bit of fun to eat because of its chewy nature and incredibly delightful filling. Although it reminded me of the buchi in some ways, the mochi has a finer consistency and a more elegant presentation. The incredibly delish filling is in itself a testament of Japanese ingenuity and exceptional artistry. Don't ever leave Tokyo Street without stopping by Mochi Sweets, you won't regret it.

Mochi Sweets Japanese Luxury Deli
Tokyo Street
6th Floor, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur


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  1. wow!! yummoooo!

  2. you're so right sis. yummo indeed! thanks for the visit!

  3. i really love food. and this is just so ... amazing! i am envious of your gastronomic experiences, especially when you post about food you've tried outside the country. it makes me want to travel, see the places and enjoy the good food! and this is mochi heaven! <3

  4. hi clair! you're so sweet! i'm sure you'll gonna love everything at tokyo street too. mwah!

  5. I want that black chocolate mochi! It's a must-have for a choco addict like me. :)

  6. woohoo! i have photos din of Tokyo Street! nihandcarry mo yung mochi? hehehe. masarap talaga kainin sya kaagad, or habang malamig pa. daya mas mura ito sa malaysia.