Sunday, January 8, 2012

Caught Up In The BonChon (Korean-style) Chicken & Happy Lemon Craze at Trinoma

Although I've heard of BonChon Chicken and Happy Lemon before, I've never really thought of trying these fast food joints until recently. Their long queues however have puzzled me for some time. And the only way to figure out what the craze is all about is by simply trying them out. I've managed to convince Bala, Tutapel and my persistent tummy to wait it out a bit until half of the eager diners exited the place- which took a really long while.

                                                         BonChon Chicken Trinoma

                                                        Inside BonChon Chicken Trinoma

                                                        BonChon Chicken Mural

1st Pit Stop: BonChon Chicken. 

I've learned that Korean-style chicken is characterized by "a delicate crust, addictive seasoning and moist meat Koreans are devoted to," according to this New York Times article.  

                                                  BonChon Chicken Philippines Menu

I can't help but hide my delight though when I saw that their prices are within the same range with that of KFC's and Kenny Rogers Roasters'.

                                          Choice of Beverage: BonChon Iced Tea 

                                                                BonChon Riceboxes

                       BonChon Thigh/ Drumstick Ricebox: Soy Garlic Glaze Flavor (PHP145)

                            BonChon 4-Piece Wing Ricebox: Soy Garlic Glaze Flavor (PHP145)      

To put this to the test, I bought two orders of their original soy garlic glaze-one for Bala & Tutapel and one for me. What can I say? As soon as I tasted the chicken's sweet, thin, ultra-crisp crust that never seemed to get soft after every passing minute, I knew that it was love at first bite! The flavors were so rich and distinct from the other fried chickens I've tried before which was I think why I loved it so. It's just delightfully different--the seasoning, moist meat and the crust resonated with me long after we left the place. To be honest, I haven't stopped craving for BonChon ever since. Now, I understand why the place is a hit!

                                                 BonChon Featured In The New York Times

2nd Pit Stop: Happy Lemon 

                                                          Happy Lemon Stall in Trinoma

As you can see, the line can be a problem when you go to Happy Lemon. But I decided to go ahead and take my place so that I can at least try out one of their more popular concoctions.
                                           Happy Lemon Philippines' Diverse Drinks

  Happy Lemon Rock Salt and Cheese Cocoa (Large: PHP 100).

                       Happy Lemon Philippines

              Happy Lemon Rock Salt and Cheese Cocoa: See the very thick cheese topping?

I finally settled for their bestseller: Happy Lemon Rock Salt and Cheese Cocoa. After the mandatory stirring to let the flavors meld together in perfect harmony, I sipped a little, then some more and before I knew it I've finished the cup in half! Oh! It was sooooo good!!! I loved how the salt revealed the creaminess of the cheese and the sweetness of the cocoa. The cheese topping even cut through the cocoa in such a delicate way making it really one amazing drink. And the best part was, Bala absolutely loved it! What more can I say?

How about you what are your favorites at BonChon and Happy Lemon?

BonChon Chicken
Ground Floor Trinoma
Beside Medical City
Phone: 919-4777

Happy Lemon
Cinema Level, Trinoma
Beside Timezone


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  1. Haven't tried Bon Chon yet. :D but you might want to try Manang's Chicken. :D

    Here's my link about this local Bon Chon:

  2. I love bonchon and happy lemon cookies and cream milk tea! =) YUM! :P

    Btw, please join my blog giveaway =)

  3. hi jenine! i'll definitely try the cookies and cream milk tea next time. thanks for the tip. just entered your give-away. love your rafflecopter!

  4. hi dear micymichymoo!just checked out your post about Manang's chicken. I sooo want to try it out!