Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Carmen Soo's UNIQLO Billboard AD Towers Over Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur & UNIQLO Philippines' First Branch at SM Mall Of Asia

Remember Carmen Soo, the beautiful Malaysian actress who played opposite Jericho Rosales in the hit telenovela Kahit Ilang Saglit several years ago?

To be honest, I thought she was so lovely then. But when I saw her recently in a billboard ad in Bukit Bintang, I thought she became even lovelier if that was even possible.

                                                      Carmen Soo for UNIQLO Malaysia

She towered over Bukit Bintang and almost reached Sephora Starhill's vertex!

                                                   Carmen Soo for UNIQLO Malaysia

                                                  Carmen Soo for UNIQLO Malaysia

She looks all grown up here compared to her Kahit Ilang Saglit days; but, clearly she still evokes that fresh yet mysterious personality which endeared her to the hearts of Filipino viewers, both young and old alike.

                                                                    Uniqlo Philippines

Imagine my surprise when I learned from Lush Angel that SM will be bringing in the trendy UNIQLO brand to the Philippines this 2012 with the very first branch opening at SM Mall of Asia. For more information, simply like Uniqlo Philippines on Facebook.

I can't help but wonder though who will be the face of UNIQLO Philippines...hmmm...

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  1. Love ur blog about Ms. Carmen Soo :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. WOWZAAHHH!! I love this blog about Carmen Soo. I hope she becomes the face of UNIQLO Philippines :)

  3. hi nice blog :) love everything u said about Carmen Soo! thanks for sharing :)

  4. thanks so much Marsampre and SOOper Girl! i'm flattered by your compliments...

  5. WOW.. i REMEMBER MALAYSIA... i REMEMBER Kotaraya... eheheheheh....

  6. WOW! Stoked! Awesome blog! FTW Carmen Soo, you're natural beauty shines! Love the Gigantic Billboard. Truly Asia! I really hope Carmen will grace the UNIQLO Philippines!! <3 Carmen Soo Miss you soo much! Come back na dito sa Pinas! You are much love , adore and admire here! mwwaah:) Thank you!

  7. hi chenbien! thank you! i so agree with you. i wish she'll come back here and do more projects...

  8. Wow!!OMG!! Very stunning!! I love Carmen,so very pretty. also love her Uniqlo Spring 2012 photos. I hope u can take a pic when ure back in Malaysia. Thank you