Monday, January 30, 2012

Win PHP 10,000 Worth of Benefit Products & Services Plus Makeup Session/Lesson/Photo Shoot with Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson!

My title pretty much said it all! For a chance to win PHP10,000 worth of Benefit products and services plus a chance to meet Global Benefit Authorities, Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson and even have a make-up workshop and photo session with them-- then join Benefit Philippines' Hi, San Francisco contest!  

                                         Benefit Philippines' Hi, San Francisco Contest!

Here are the mechanics lifted from Benefit Philippines' Facebook Page:


To prove you’re a certified Benefanatic, you may either:
1) Send us your funnest and most creative video testimonial with your favorite Benefit products either thru:
a) You Tube – BenefitCosmeticsPH
b) Facebook – post on your wall and tag us or upload directly on our Facebook fanpage
c) Email – at

2) Post a picture of yourself taken at the Greenbelt 5 Benefit Boutique with your just purchased bag-full of Benefit goodies! Make sure you have the cutest picture and testimonial/explanation.

In your entry, show us that you embody at least one of the four characters of Benefit’s hometown, San Francisco:
1. California – very fun, bold and girly
2. Bohemian – free spirit, irreverent, vintage
3. Lovely – sweet and simple
4. Professional – smart and clever

Submission of entries is open until February 2, 2012!

8 girls will be shortlisted and invited to drop in the “B Spot (Benefit Office) on February 3 and 4 for a quick interview about brand affection, sense of humor and lifestyle.

Winners will be announced on February 4. The 4 lucky Benebabes will get the following uber special prizes:

1. Exclusive Meet and Greet, Makeup Session/Lesson and Photo Shoot with gorgeous benebabes and Global Benefit Authorities, Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson!

2. P10,000 worth of Benefit products and services (P5,000 worth of products and P5,000 worth of Brow Waxing Gift Certificates)!

3. Represent and model a San Francisco look (California, Bohemian, Lovely, Professional) at the Benefit Grand Launch Event on February 7 at the Greenbelt 5 Gallery!

For more details, visit the Official Facebook Page of Benefit Cosmetics Philippines.

Thanks so much Benefit Philippines for the heads-up.


Christmas Gift To Self: Benefit's Project Flawless

My Sephora Kuala Lumpur Haul


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Merienda Time at The Room Upstairs @ LRI Design Plaza in Makati ♪♪♪

I was simply browsing through our Singapore memorabilia last Thursday night when I saw a shot I took straight from Cebu Pacific's In-Flight Magazine called Smile. One of the writers was raving about The Room Upstairs, a resto slash posh furniture store located at LRI Design Plaza. And when I realized that my voice-over recording the following day will also be held there, I told myself that I should definitely check the place out after work. 

A good two hours later, I was strutting towards the resto and super excited to try one of their signature dishes. It turned out that the furniture pieces on display were off limits to any kind of photography which was really a downer considering the fact that I needed to present some form of ambiance to this blog story. It would have been great to show you how the furniture accents added another dimension to the whole dining experience.

Nevertheless,  I completely forgot all about it when my order arrived 15 minutes later.

                                       The Room Upstairs Bestseller: Tuyo Pesto (PHP 160)

                                                 Notice the finely chopped tuyo flakes?
Pasta cooked al dente coated with an amazing pesto sauce with just a hint of salty-sweet-spiciness.  The deep, earthy flavor coming from the basil, garlic and nut mixture fuses beautifully with the tempered saltiness of the tuyo flakes. Served with a drizzle of olive oil and a piece of garlic bread, this dish truly deserves a spot in my list of most favorite pasta dishes of all time.  

                  The Room Upstairs Bestseller: Citrus Lemongrass Ice Tea (PHP 110)
This drink is love, love, love! It was a refreshingly cool drink that truly deserved its bestseller status. Its very prominent lemongrass taste with a punch of caramel was truly amazing to the point that I actually thought that I could have 10 more and will still leave me craving for a lot more. It was that addictive!

          Lemongrass Juice: Welcome Drink at Maribago Beach Resort in Mactan, Cebu
I had a strange feeling of deja vu when I first tasted the drink. And when I tried hard to figure out why, I realized that we had the same drink when we went to Maribago Beach Resort last December. I first fell in love with the lemongrass drink there and when I tasted it for the second time at The Room Upstairs, I immediately felt that my day became even brighter than usual. 

The Room Upstairs Desserts: Oreo Cheesecake and Cherry Cheesecake (PHP110/slice)
                                            After meal time, I decided to have some dessert.

                                                                   Linzer Torte (PHP 100)

                                                         Mini Truffle Cake (PHP 110)
It would have been great though if I were able to try their cakes; but, since I was really full, I decided to have some cookies instead.

The Room Upstairs: Russian Cookies (PHP 20 each)

Both cookies boast of an elegantly smooth texture and delightfully sweet nature, highlighted by crunchy walnuts inside them making both cookies more delish and really fun to eat. 

                                                           Resto slash Posh Furniture Store

     The Room Upstairs 
Delivery Line: 87878
Address: 2nd Floor, LRI Design Plaza
210 N. Garcia formerly Reposo St.
Bel-air Makati
Phone: 899-93-18

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lunch at Shui Kee (Choy Kee) Along Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur ♪♪

That day, we were left famished after lingering at the picturesque KLCC Gardens to get that perfect shot with the famed Petronas Towers in the background. We arrived at the popular Jalan Alor district by cab to try out some authentic Malaysian cuisine. If not for my super kind blogger friend from Malaysia, Daniel of emotions, I wouldn't have known that such place even existed.  

Famous Streets of Jalan Alor

          Exploring the restos/stalls along Jalan Alor 

My boys: Bala and Tutapel hand in hand along Jalan Alor

A colorful tarp found on one of the street posts made me do a double take

According to Ren, some fashionable looking people entered one of the restos and on Ren's prompting, we followed them and found out that they entered Choy Kee Resto.

    Well, that got our attention. And this huge menu sealed the deal. 

Once we've settled, we began perusing the menu. More fashionable people in fancy cars started coming in which made us think that Choy Kee must be the "it" place here in Jalan Alor.

                                                Choy Kee Jalan Alor Noodles and Drinks List

More dishes to consider...

I was told this menu featured some of their bestsellers that was why I concentrated on choosing which one Bala and Tutapel would like. One of the servers called the owner to assist us since she was the only one who spoke English. She was very kind and patient in describing to us what made each dish special in a way. After some time, we decided to have the following drinks and dishes.

Teh-O (RM 1.30 or PHP 24)
Refreshingly cold milk tea!

Coke (RM 2.20 or PHP 31)
 With a zesty Malaysian Twist!

           Ren's Choice: Interestingly Delish Tom Yam Seafood (RM 8.50 or PHP 119)

An assortment of seafood swimming in a pool of hot and tangy soup.

Mama Lydz's Choice: The Very Flavorful Fish Ball Noodle (RM 6.50 or PHP 91.50)

A plethora of fish balls, bok choy and noodles in a sea of deeply flavorful soup topped with garlic and green onions.

Rolandito's Choice: The Rustic and Unique Dry Curry Chicken Noodle (RM 6.50 or PHP 91.50)

Egg noodles with soya and curry sauce topped with several curry chicken pieces and green onions. Served with lime and sambal.

Our Choice: Choy Kee's Signature Dish-Fish Head Noodle (Large: RM 7.50 or PHP 106)

Fried fish head with an irresistible crunch mixed with tofu and fresh veggies in a pool of mild tasting milk soup. I would have wanted the soup to have a sharper and deeper flavor though. The thin vermicelli noodles or beehon were okay but we found them hard to eat maybe because of their generous portion served in one lump. It took some effort on our part to cut them into bite-sized pieces and we can't help but think that if we chose the thick vermicelli noodles instead, we didn't have to put in so much effort in eating the dish. The fried fish head as well caused us further problems because it was quite risky to swallow bits and pieces of it even if we wanted to. If there's a next time, I would definitely go for the other three dishes instead of the Fish Head Noodle.

Shui Kee Restaurant Jalan Alor
♪♪ Good. It's worth a try.

Jalan Alor Chinese Hawker Stalls
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: 7 AM to 4PM


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Affordable Korean Snacks Odeng and Tteokbokki at Flammable Topokki @ SM North Edsa Food Court ♪♪ (Updated)

Ever since I tasted some delish Korean Snacks at Food Republic, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur late last year, my craving for Korean dishes was pushed to a whole new level.

                                    Flammable Topokki at SM North Edsa Food Court
Thank goodness there's a decent stall at a nearby mall that helped satiate my craving for anything Korean. 

                                                 Affordable Prices for Tteokbokki and Odeng

                                       Tteokbokki on display: Just a sprinkle of rice cakes?

                                                  Odeng in two sizes: Trial and Regular

                          An Almost Perfect Korean Snack Pair: Odeng and Tteokbokki

Remember our beloved Gu Jun Pyo eating odeng and lots of it too during a rare male bonding time with Geum Jandi's father and brother in the hit K-Drama Boys Over Flowers? 

                                                                     Odeng Php 27
To be honest, I was deeply fascinated that the writers of  Boys Over Flowers made the rich and powerful Gu Jun Pyo finish off at least 30 sticks of odeng all at once. What's so special about this Korean snack anyway? Was it worth all the fanfare? For starters, I asked the kind stall vendor if they use authentic ingredients from Korea. He didn't only say yes but even showed me the frozen rice and fish cakes used for the tteokbokki and odeng respectively with Hanggul letters imprinted on the packaging. Since odeng is simply boiled fish cake, it didn't have that burst of flavors that deserved much fanfare. But because it was boiled just right, pretty firm in my opinion paired with a delicate tasting soup that's hot and heartifying, I found the odeng both satiating and gratifying.

                                                              Tteokbokki Php 40
I can understand that rice cakes are pretty expensive and I believe that's the reason why there was only a handful in the regular tteokbokki version. Nevertheless, the spicy nature of the dish is really the reason why many people are drawn to it, including me. The rice cakes were also firm and delish as expected while the sliced fish cakes or odeng added an earthy, rustic flavor to the dish. If only there were more rice cakes, then the dish would have been really amazing.

Flammable Topokki
Food Court, SM City North Edsa (Now Closed)
Food Court, SM Sta. Mesa/SM Centerpoint