Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Teaser: A Rendezvous With The World's Smallest Primate--The Tarsier in Loboc, Bohol!

Having seen the world's smallest primate up close is nothing short of a miracle. For starters, the tarsier is evasive by nature and doesn't blend well with humans. In fact, it has a notorious temperament for getting suicidal when provoked by a simple camera flash or a slight touch from a visitor.

                                                    Highly-Evasive Tarsier in Loboc, Bohol

Allow me to share with you not only pictures but also some short HD video clips of these uber cute creatures in this month's Timeless Confection.



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  1. awww the tarsier is so cute. :3

  2. hi saccharine0158! i agree with you 101%. it's the cutest indeed!