Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rediscovering My Inner Child at Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore 313@Somerset in Singapore ♪♪♪

I've often been told that Christmas is really for kids. And for the longest time, I've had a difficult time understanding that concept since I haven't been a kid for over 30 years! But having a toddler, a precocious one at that, has helped me fathom the idea more and more. And I think this cafe that I'm about to show you helped a lot in bringing out the inner child in me!

When we finally arrived at the Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore at 313@Somerset Mall, excitement gripped not only me but the rest of the fam!

And who wouldn't be giddy with excitement when you have a cute Charlie Brown server stationed outside of the cafe eager to welcome you with a handy menu to boot.

Thanks Charlie for always smiling even though Tutapel was dead set to scare you!

Once again, Ren and I had a hard time looking for the cafe inside the mall because as it turned out, it was located outside. Well, to be exact, the store was huddled together among the al fresco restos at the mall's food strip.

  Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Peanuts merchandise to tempt any fan! I know I was! Yes, I had a huge Peanuts poster on my bedroom wall during my teenage days. Oh, I can still picture it right this minute.

   Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Wooden tables all engraved with the lovable Peanuts characters...

   Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

That's Tutapel's hand by the way, showing us that a customer just needed to write down his or her order and give it to the kind server--who was one of the kindest ones we've met in Singapore.

                                                 Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Hmmmmm...what should we order then? 

                                                  Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Ummm....Five minutes later, I still didn't have anything to write on my test paper, I mean my order form. I can't help it. The resto's details were just so uber cutesy!

Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore Menu

   Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore Menu
After contemplating on this adorable menu, the fam settled for these drinks/dishes.

                                                    Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Charlie Cappucino Single (SGD 5.80 or Php 196).  The taste is pretty much similar with all the other cappucinos I had before. But I think nobody goes to Charlie Brown just for the food but more so for the cute Charlie Brown coffee art! To tell you the truth, I didn't have the heart to drink Charlie Brown into oblivion so I asked Bala to do it for me.

                                                  Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Caffe Mocha (SGD 7.40 or Php 250). Another drink featuring the classic Charlie Brown Coffee Art.

                                                       Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Cream of Mushroom Soup (SGD 3.80 or Php 128). A bit bitter perhaps because of the thick mushroom puree. The overflowing cream didn't help much in balancing that pungent taste but since the soup still has that nutty woodsiness that I love, I finished the whole bowl up.

                                                   Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Snoopy's Lava Cake (SGD 6.50 or Php 210).  Who doesn't love chocolate right? And that Snoopy drawing was truly delightful that Ren, U and myself took turns in snapping photos! Well, I think we did that during our whole stay...

                                                  Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Woodstock's Cherry (SGD 6.50 or Php 210). Crepe with a sour cherry jam filling with vanilla ice cream on the side.

                                                   Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Snoopy's Chocolate (SGD 6.50 or Php 210). Crepe with chocolate filling topped with snoopy chocolate flakes and chocolate chip ice cream on the side. Oh I love this!!!! This is truly a must-try!

                                                   Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore

Lucy's Strawberry (SGD 6.20 or Php 210). Pancakes topped with delicious strawberry puree and whipped cream. Another classic!

I think when you come over to Charlie Brown Cafe, you must have the guts to indulge in their beautifully decorated treats without guilt!

Oh, I wish we could go back and try their other 3 Ds: drinks, dishes and desserts or maybe just to hang out with Snoopy and the gang!

Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore
♪♪♪ Fantastic! It's on my list of favorites.

Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore (kid not included)                                
313 Orchard Road
#01-27 (Discovery Walk)
Singapore 238895
Phone: +65-6547-4909
Tip: Go to the 1st level of 313@Somerset and go directly to the al fresco restos along the Discovery Walk. You'll see Charlie Brown Cafe beside the huge sign: 313@Somerset: THROUGH TO ORCHARD ROAD.

Here's a map for your reference:

And yes, Charlie Brown Cafe is just a stone's throw away from H&M Singapore!

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  1. Being the Peanuts fan that I am, I think I should visit this restaurant before I die. :)

  2. hi The Beauty Junkee! hahaha. you must! there's another one in Tsim Tsa Shui in Hong Kong. I love your blog, by the way.