Sunday, December 18, 2011

The New Benefit Cosmetics Boutique at Greenbelt 5

Since I live in the northern side of Metro Manila, I rarely go to the Greenbelt area and explore its myriad of shops and restos. It was so different before my son was born when I got to explore Makati on a daily basis thanks to my voice-over career. Somehow I grew tired of travelling and became sort of hermit as I juggle a homebased internet voice-over business while taking care of my son 24/7.

But after typhoon Ondoy, things changed. Bala and I realized that we indeed live on borrowed time and it's about time that we enjoy more of life while we're still healthy enough to enjoy it. For instance, I'm really lazy going out of the house, if you can believe it. So I have really forgotten how Greenbelt looked like. It's funny, I know.

Last Friday, Bala, Tutapel and I we explored it a bit by first having our afternoon tea at Bizu. I've always wanted to do this ever since I saw a blog post about high-teas and afternoon teas from one of my blogger friends from Malaysia. And quite honestly, our Bizu Afternoon Tea was sort of a make-up tea for having failed to have High-Tea at the Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur since we were there on a weekday. It was so unfortunate that the resto just have tea buffets on  weekends!

Anyway, after spending time at Bizu, we dashed to the very first Benefit Cosmetics Boutique in the Philippines located at Greenbelt 5! The store was brimming with clients excited to try out their famed products. Just being there was electrifying for you're surrounded by so much products and everyone seemed very happy! I asked the super duper kind lady- which I later found out to be Ms. Aubrey Bautista, Benefit's Chief Officer- if I could take a photo of their store. She didn't only say yes with a big smile but offered to take a photo of me with the store as background! Talk about excellent customer service and to think I didn't even buy anything that day!

Here are some of the photos that I managed to take which somehow give us a peek into the definitive Benefit Cosmetics tradition.

                              Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

                                                Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

                                                                           Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

                                                                          Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

I was intrigued when I saw these two Christmas Packages from Benefit. Let's take a closer look at what's inside them:

                        Project Flawless by Benefit Cosmetics Philippines (Php 2,100)

                  I'm glam...therefore I am by Benefit Cosmetics Philippines (Php 2,100)

Even those packages on the floor didn't escape my watchful eye...

Thank you so much Benefit for the smiles and superb customer service. Looking forward to going back with a purchase soon.

And another round of thanks goes to the Official Facebook Page of Benefit Cosmetics Philippines for the photos used in this blog entry!


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  1. i love tea/coffee breaks and pastry, i miss munching on them hehe
    benefit prods are so lovely, i did not get the chance to pass by the store or GB yet :)

  2. hi aiMee!we're so alike.i also love teas, pastries and benefit products! the new store is uber lovely!you'll love it!

  3. I really love their shop and their staff. Everyone's so accommodating. :)

  4. I so agree with you Clair. They have the best staff around!