Monday, December 26, 2011

Juice Of The Day (JOTD): A Glass of Malee Veggies 100% With First Call's An Evening In December As a Musical Backdrop

Whenever I feel lazy making my homemade green drink, I usually turn to either Tipco or Malee for my daily health fix. I think I've already mentioned in my previous JOTD entry that both of these popular Thai companies make sure that there's no table sugar included in their drinks. Despite this missing ingredient, Tipco and Malee Juices are truly some of the best I've ever had!

To somehow recover from all the dishes that I feasted on this Christmas season, I made sure to drink a tall glass first thing in the morning. And with First Call's An Evening in December as a beautiful backdrop, I had a party for one as early as 6 AM!.

I never fail to listen to this song every Christmas so much so that it has become sort of a much anticipated tradition for me. And even though I've been listening to this heartwarming tune since my teenage years, I don't know why but  whenever I do listen to it, I always feel that I'm hearing it for the very first time! Believe it or not, I still get misty-eyed every single time!

How about you, did you like listening to this song?

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