Friday, November 4, 2011

What's Your Breakfast Personality? South Beacher, Fit For Lifer, La Greta or David Kirscher?

Disclaimer: This post is purely testimonial in nature and is not meant to replace any medical or professional advice.

Although I'm basically a rice person, I try hard to cut down on my rice intake as much as I can.

As you're already aware of, there's something addictive about white rice.

As my friend once said, "it goes well with just about every dish in the world" which makes it hard to stop even when you want to.

Here are my attempts in slashing my rice consumption by half.

Meet my 5 favorite breakfast types!

1.  South Beacher Breakfast.

This is actually inspired by my favorite book South Beach Diet which advocates the consumption of plenty of green veggies and lean proteins.

Stir-fried portobello mushrooms with baguio beans, fresh alfalfa sprouts and topped with balsamic vinegar.

Grilled eggplants and egg whites with fresh cucumber and lettuce drizzled with a bit of Clara Ole Asian Dressing and topped with Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese.

Boiled Beef Sirloin wrapped in romaine lettuce.

2.  Fit for Lifer Breakfast.

A complete delineation from South Beach which snobs the consumption of too much fruits, there are days when I take on this type of breakfast to get rid of the bloated feeling and sort of undergo a simple cleansing ritual.

I love kiwis!

And I also love the soothing effect of pineapples!

3.  La Greta Breakfast.

I call this La Greta after the infamous Gretchen Baretto who claimed to eating sweet potatoes (camote) to slim down.

Four years ago, I tried eating just camote for a week.

The result?

An incredible eight pound loss!

Now, I still turn to camote for breakfast and even for snacks because I feel full after eating just a piece, perhaps because of its high fiber content.

4.  David Kirscher Breakfast.

I've become a great fan of David Krisch, author of The New York Body Plan after I saw my own body gained muscle from following his book and DVD workout.

He underscored the importance of eating proteins first thing in the morning to curb cravings.

I thought that both he and Dr. Agatston of the South Beach Diet Phenomenon share the same principle.

I realized that whenever I do take proteins first, the probability of me indulging on the bad carbs is actually much less.

        Optimum Nutrition Whey (around Php 2,500/5.17 lb tub)

According to Kirsch, one of the best sources of protein is whey.

I normally drink this before and after my workout at home.

If you can believe it, I also took this during my pregnancy because I'm allergic to chicken, fish and eggs, and I needed some sort of protein in my body.

If you're wondering how it tastes like, well, Bala doesn't like it.

I guess you can say that it's an acquired taste.

But the benefits are just too wonderful to describe.

5.  Kayester Breakfast.

Whenever I feel lazy to concoct something up or I'm not in the mood to drinking protein shakes, I turn to vegetable juices for a quick pick me up.

             Berri Tomato Juice (around Php 70)

Oh, I love Berry Tomato Juice because it's more delicious than the other brands I tried.

    Harvey Fresh Carrot Juice (around Php 70)

I also find Carrot juice, an excellent way to start the day.

But when I'm in the mood for something fabulously nutritious, I usually take my signature Green Drink, some raw peanuts and a salad comprising of some fresh romaine lettuce, cucumbers, mango bits drizzled with Clara Ole Asian Sauce and topped with Kraft Grated Parmesan cheese.

How about you which breakfast describes you the most?


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  1. Hi! I love this post, these are good recommendations for a set of nutritious breakfast. I just wanted to ask something though, is it safe to drink 1 glass carrot juice everyday (btw I also drink Harvey's but its almost P100 here at a local supermarket).