Saturday, November 12, 2011

What My Reaction Was When I Saw A Walis Tambo (Broom) At The Hong Kong International Airport (Chep Lap Kok Airport)

I can still recall how ecstatic I was when the plane touched down at the Hong Kong International Airport or more fondly called as Chep Lap Kok Airport.

Although I was excited inside, I didn't expect anything extraordinary to happen to us since we already arrived quite late--around 10 at night.


I was proven wrong.

I got a kick seeing this piece of walis tambo (broom) alongside all the pieces of luggage!

I was carrying Tutapel at the time and I told him to go down for a bit while I struggled to get my camera.

And then it hit me.

It's not something to make fun of.

What if it belonged to a pinay who left her family to work in Hong Kong as a domestic helper?

It's not unlikely that it would have been the case.

With a heavy heart, I carried Tutapel back to my arms and hugged him.

I'm blessed to have been given the chance to be with my son and hubby to explore the city as a tourist.

But for thousands of pinays, that's not the case.

And I should never ever forget that.


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