Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Teaser: A Virtual Tour of Tous les Jours Korean Bakery at SM The Block

Last Sunday, Tutapel, Bala and myself finally got the chance to step inside Tous les Jours' very first branch in the Philippines.

With a very cute bike as a prop, Tous les Jours became even more interesting in my eyes if that was even possible.

In fact, Tutapel wanted to ride it, so much so that he became kinda frustrated when I told him, "Oh no, you can't."

When we explored the bakery a bit, we were greeted by an array of exciting goodies.

But the scene stealers were definitely the uniquely crafted cakes which garnered numerous photographs from excited visitors that day.

Don't they look absolutely, divinely gorgeous?

Please stay tuned for more interesting shots and facts in my next post.


Here's the complete post. Enjoy!

Next: Tous les Jours Opens Its Very First Store In the Philippines on 11-11-11


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