Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Past Back to the Bible Promo: A Creative Review of the Book "How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth"

I still recall that when I was very much new to the faith, I spent a considerable amount of time listening to the radio programs of Back to the Bible Philippines.

On several occasions, I even requested for their bible study booklets and answered the workbooks with much enthusiasm.

Imagine my elation when finally, I've become one of their voice-over talents!

Here's one of the promos I did a couple of years back, wherein I played the role of a sarcastic game host who was sort of prejudiced towards one of the contestants named Tikboy.

Find out why in this promo for Booklat, a uniquely crafted show that reviews outstanding Christian books available in the market today.

Many thanks to my friend Jonini Anzures who wrote the script and even uploaded this particular promo to his website.


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1 comment:

  1. Reading the bible must not be a duty. It may be fun, pleasant, as well as related to your everyday life factors. Even for a lot of Honest who do study their Somebody on a regular time frame, they do so out of a sensation of obligation to either God, or a sermon, or whatnot.