Monday, November 7, 2011

My Top Favorites at Christmas-Ready Pan De Manila

With the toasty, woodsy smell associated with any Pan de Manila outlet, I can't help but be reminded that Christmas is really just around the corner.

Their signature shopping bag marked with some festive lanterns are seen here with some merry yet make-believe carolers.

How cute is that?

Pan de Manila Coco Jam ( Small: Php 30; Medium: Php 65; Big: Php 88).
Pan de Manila Tasty (around Php 43).
A single layer of the smooth, creamy coco jam is enough to add just a tinge of sweetness to the simple yet ultra-soft brick-oven baked bread.

It baffles me that an ordinary piece of tasty can grip me like crazy ruining my otherwise bread-free days!

Dieters beware!

Consider yourselves warned.

Pan De Manila Mango Fruit Jam (150 grams: Php 32; 410 grams: Php 88).
Pan de Manila Monay (around Php 43).
The fresh, sweet n' sour goodness of the mango jam which is less sweet than its mainstream counterparts, thank goodness, makes the Monay, although not as soft as its Tasty sibling, still a decadent treat.

Pan de Manila Chicken and Pork Empanada (Php 25/each).
Although Pan de Manila is not exactly known for its empanada variants, I dare say that its Pork Empanada is worth a try.

For one, its flaky crust is enough to earn my respect; but I'm afraid that I need to underscore that their Chicken Empanada might need some tweaking to achieve a better consistency and far better taste to compete with my hands-down favorite, Red Ribbon's signature empanada.

Visit your nearest Pan de Manila outlet to try out their trademark creations.

Bon appetit!


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  1. i love pan de manila too esp. their pesto wheat loaf and sweet breads. I wanna try their coco jam but their peanut butter (crunchy) is one of my favorites :) I miss it though since there's no PDM in our area now unlike in our old house. :(

  2. the coco jam looks so tempting. this is officially one of my itineraries in manila. :)
    thanks for posting this momsie kaye!