Monday, November 21, 2011

Fashion Bites: Plains & Prints Holiday 2011 Collection

Eleven years ago, Plains & Prints graciously sponsored my clothes for my early morning newscast on ABS-CBN. 

Back then, they were just producing women's dress shirts.

But not just ordinary ones, mind you.

They had them in colors so luxuriously vibrant that they literally brightened up my mornings.

In fact, when Balitang K began an in-house audition for a new face, after Ms. Korina Sanchez left the show, I got a gray cheomsam-inspired dress shirt from Plains & Prints for the audition.

But of course, you know the rest of the story.

None of the auditionees passed for the producers later on got Ms. Kris Aquino to host the new reformatted spin-off, Balitang Kris.

Imagine my surprise when Plains & Prints totally revamped their collection and added several lines of elegant items with the launch of Ms. Gretchen Baretto as image model, a few years after my newscast folded up.

I remembered saying, "sayang naman!"

My fave Plains & Prints navy blue dress 
paired with a Korean-inspired lace jacket by Tweed 

But I still frequented the store even without the freebies for I've become a fan of their designs.

For instance, when I saw and later tried on this navy blue cotton shirred dress, I instantly knew that it would become one of my favorites.

The comfort level is amazing and I think that the shirred cut is really flattering to those with hour-glass figures like me.

I have another dress of the same color which I equally love for it reminded me of what Song Hye Kyo wore as Han Jeun or Jessie in the 2004 Korean Drama Full House.

Remember when Rain dolled her up for the press conference to introduce her as his girl?

SHK was wearing a yellow dress in that scene and thanks to Plain & Prints, I was able to find a replica in my favorite navy blue color.

 Plains & Prints 

Anyway, I also have a black knitted blouse which I used in one of my blog posts.

Again, the comfort level is really good and the design--a simple classic.

Plains & Prints 

Late last month, Plains & Prints unveiled their Holiday 2011 Collection.

Let's take a peek:

Plains & Prints 

Plains & Prints 

Plains & Prints 

Plains & Prints 

Plains & Prints 

Plains & Prints 

Aren't they gorgeous?

If there's any piece that tickles your fancy, just drop by the Plains & Prints branch near you.

Thank you to the Official Facebook Page of Plains and Prints for all the wonderful photos.


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