Saturday, October 22, 2011

Take A Peek At My Super Cheap Haul From BOOKSALE

One thing is consistent though.

I never fail to visit BOOKSALE everytime there's a mall-wide sale.

It seems to be the most logical and cheapest solution there is to building up another collection after my whole library got submerged during Typhoon Ondoy a couple of years ago.

During my last visit to this store, I rummaged through the books with random precision lest someone else gets the book I really really want.

My recent haul proved once again that I'm a serious health nut at heart.

Read on and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

8 Weeks To Optimum Health (Php 180). 

In 1996, I discovered Dr. Andrew Weil through his column in PREVENTION, my most favorite magazine in the world.

Since that time, Dr. Weil's holistic approach to health has gripped my interest and so it is only natural that I grab this classic when I saw it that day.

The Sonoma Diet (Php 50).

Truth is, I had my eye on this book for a really long time but didn't have the courage to actually buy it.

So when I saw it that day, I immediately reached for it and put it on top of my pile of great finds.

Fit To Live (Php 15).

Pamela Peeke is another familiar columnist in PREVENTION who specializes in women's health and nutrition particularly for those hitting the big 40 soon!

Dianne Iron's 14 Day Boot Camp (Php 45).

To be honest, I'm not really familiar with Ms. Irons at all but I thought that her book looks interesting though because of the word Boot Camp.

It sort of gave me a vision of a better self in just 2 weeks. LOL.

The Perricone Prescription (Php 15).

In 2006, two years before I got pregnant, I 've already read this book from cover to cover.

And it did not disappoint.

The Perricone Promise (Php15).

When I saw its twin publication, I didn't hesitate in buying it.

Why wouldn't I if I could have it for practically a steal!

Get With The Program (Php15).

I call myself a Bob Greene convert ever since I read his bestseller Make the Connection more than a decade ago.

I had this Get to the Program book pre-Typhoon Ondoy but I didn't get the chance to finish it.

It was a great thing that I was able to find it during the sale so that I can once again bask in a wealth of information from this great exercise physiologist slash celebrity trainer turned bestselling author.

The South Beach Diet (Php 25).

Another pre-Typhoon Ondoy favorite that's why it has to be included in my new collection.

Two years before I got pregnant, I decided to put the book to the test by following its core principles.

The result?

I lost an astounding 12 pounds in just two weeks!

Unfortunately, I've become allergic to most proteins like fish, chicken and eggs afterwards.

But I still follow Dr. Agatston's advice of choosing good carbs over the bad ones and has once again experienced wonderful results in my weight loss journey after giving birth to Tutapel.

The Oprah Magazine Back Issue (Php 30).

This mag continues to be one of the most inspiring publications to date because of Oprah's mission of encouraging women to know their true worth and in the process discover a life filled with meaning and hope.

In Style Back Issue (Php 30).

This is my go-to fashion magazine because of its uniquely crafted articles that speak to women of all shapes and sizes.

Sparkling Magazine Back Issue (PHP150).

As a K-Pop and K-Drama addict, this particular publication satietes my craving for my favorite artists by bringing the Hallyu wave alive at every turn of the page.

Do check out these publications sometime soon on your next visit to BOOKSALE.

Happy reading!

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