Monday, October 31, 2011

Korean Drama Fan Diaries: 8 Must-Do's in Macau To Relive Memorable Moments From Boys Over Flowers

Due to the extreme popularity of Korean dramas, you may have noticed that there is now more variety in their location shoots than ever before.

For instance, the hugely popular Korean drama Boys over Flowers (2009) was shot not only in Seoul, but also in New Caledonia and Macau.

What I love most about this particular technique is that the whole production team was able to weave these places into the story in a seamless fashion resulting to authentic, romantic and downright memorable moments that remain google-worthy up to this point.

So when I read the article entitled Hallyu Hotspots by Gigi Yia which appeared on Sparkling Magazine, I was inspired to make my own list of sights in Macau as portrayed in my favorite K-drama Boys Over Flowers. 

Here's my list of 8 Must-Do's in Macau to help you relive several unforgettable moments from Boys Over Flowers. 

Remember: Simply click on the photos to be directed to the complete posts.

1.  Ride The Gondola At The Venetian Macau.

Hop aboard the lovely gondola just like what Geum Jandi and F3 did in the latter part of Episode 13 all the way to the opening of Episode 14.

With the gondolier singing the Italian crossover classic "Con Te Partiro" popularized by Andrea Bocelli in 1995, the three friends enjoyed a wonderful diversion after Jandi's mugging incident.

Feel Gu Jun Pyo's heartache when he secretly checked out a snapshot of Jandi and Ji Hoo aboard the gondola from his phone.

2. Take A Snapshot Of The Zaia Musical At The Venetian Macau.

Relive all the fun and carefree moments of Jandi and Ji Hoo when they watched this certified Cirque de Soleil hit.

If you don't have the time to spare nor the budget of at least MOP 388 or Php 2067 (Reserve C seating) to shell out, simply take photos of the ginormous set pieces placed all around the resort hotel.

How To Get There:
Take the free shuttle to the Venetian Macau or if you are in a hurry, just ride the cab and tell the driver to drop you off The Venetian. Flag down rate is around Php 98.

3.  Buy Some Delicious Beef Jerky From Stores Around Avenida de Almeida  Ribeiro.

Sample several jerky strips just like Geum Jandi and Ha Jae Kyung in episode 13.

Almost all stalls sell authentic jerky, but in the area, one of the most popular stores seems to be Pasteleria Ko Kei.

How To Get There:
Take the same route towards the Ruins of St. Paul. You will see the bakery at the right side of the narrow street leading to the ruins.

4.  Take A Bite Into Tea Plus Macau's Egg Tarts.

Sink your teeth into the same egg tarts that Jandi and Ji Hoo bought from this popular stall at the start of  episode 15.

If you're with your significant other, who knows, the staff might regard you as a cute couple earning you an extra egg tart each for free--just like what happened to Jandi and Ji Hoo when they were mistaken as newlyweds.

How To Get There:
From Senado Square, take the route towards the Ruins of St. Paul. You will see the stall standing at the right side of  Rue de Palha.

5.  Stroll Around Senado Square.

Reminisce the time when Ji Hoo became a street minstrel at the end of Episode 14 into the start of Episode15.

Here, he exchanged his egg tarts for a chance to play the guitar and earn some bucks to help pay for Jandi's calligraphy.

How to Get There:
From the Macau Ferry Terminal, take the free shuttle headed to Hotel Grand Lisboa. From there, you can walk to Senado for under 15 minutes. If you're not into walking, take a cab outside the terminal and simply tell the driver to take you to Senado Square.

6.  Visit the Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral.

Take a historical tour of the famed Ruins just like Jandi and Ji Hoo in episode 14.

Here, they decided to cancel their flight and stayed at least one more day to explore the many wonders of Macau.

How To Get There:
From Senado Square, go through Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro until you see the Ruins of St. Paul at the very end.

7.  Stop By The Macau Tower. 

Discover the many fascinating facets of Macau when you visit or simply look at the iconic steeple of the Macau Tower just like Jandi and Ji Hoo in episode 14.

How To Get There:
From the Macau Ferry Terminal, hop off the free shuttle to Hotel Grand Lisboa Macau. Walk towards Senado Square and there, wait for either Bus 23 or 32. After 20 minutes or so, you'll arrive at Macau Tower.

8.  Enjoy A Soothing Cup Of The Lotus Flower Tea.

Enjoy a delicious cup of flower tea just like Geum Jandi in Episode 14.

During steeping, Jandi was amazed at the blooming flower tea during the whole steeping process.

Where To Buy It:
Explore tea stores along Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro for the flower tea of your choice.

Happy trip!


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  1. hi, i was wondering which canal you guys took a gondola ride in. i'm headed to macau this summer, and i would really like the see the canal where the filming actually took place. there are three different canals in the venetian, and i have no idea which one was where jandi/the f3 actually took their ride. thanks so much!

  2. Hi Sharon! I'm not really sure about that, but we were told to buy our tickets at Boutique di Gondola and take a ride on the canal beside it. For more info, you can go this link:
    Hope everything turns out well. I'm so excited for you.