Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Delicious Binggrae Afternoon Plus A Peek at Sparkling Magazine's Fly to Seoul! All the Travel Info You Need To Know Article

Despite the rains, I am able to have a sparkling afternoon filled with all my favorite Korean trinkets:

A few days ago, I bought a back issue of Sparkling Magazine Philippine Edition (PHP 150) published by Summit Media.

When I saw one of its teaser articles entitled Fly to Seoul! All the Travel Info You Need To Know-I found it hard to put the magazine down.

If you are a K-Pop and K-Drama fan like me, you would be most interested to read it too.

Although I've already made my own itinerary as a direct result of stalking travel blogs and Facebook profiles, I thought that it wouldn't hurt to learn more about my dream destination.

The article is both exhaustive and fun to read.

Filled with all the things one wants to know about Seoul ranging from visa requirements...

 splendid sights in Seoul, the magazine is a definite must-have for any K-Pop slash K-Drama addict!

Binggrae's Smoky Bacon Flavored Chips (around Php 30) seemed to be the perfect munchies when you're having a great time reading and dreaming at the same time.

It was quite surprising to me that the chips are not as salty as I've expected them to be which is a definite plus point.

Even those ultra-flavorful powdery granules that usually settled at the bottom of the package are nowhere to be seen!

Well, I regard that as both a positive and a negative for I usually delight in the simple pleasure of eating those granules that usually stick to my fingers.

I washed down my favorite munchies with a couple of Binggrae A Cafe La Premium Coffee: Caffe Latte and Vanilla Latte (around Php 60 each).

For a non-coffee drinker, I was surprised to have finished these two in one sitting!

Although I really like coffee, I don't indulge much because I get palpitations and become super hyper afterwards.

And I really don't need a quick pick me up for I'm naturally hyper even without caffeine.

Well, I guess, this afternoon is a little bit different.

For I'm most definitely sure that it's not just the caffeine that's making my heart beat incredibly faster; but the dream of Korea that continues to sparkle in my heart of hearts.

Next: Alone Time at a Korean Grocery


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