Thursday, September 29, 2011

Food for the Rainy Days: Ma Chicken Mami House Trinoma

Pedring was one stubborn typhoon acting up like a toddler who's deprived of his favorite toy.

With gushing winds unrepentant by the minute, I can't help but pack our bags just in case the La Mesa Dam spills over and wreaks havoc in all of Metro Manila once again! 

Outside the house, I told Tutapel about the "strong winds;" to which he replied, "windy!" 

I can't help but laugh for having been corrected by a three year old. 

I remember that it was on a day such as this that Bala, Tutapel and myself enjoyed a steaming bowl of Mami at Trinoma.

Yeah. Nothing beats this kind of comfort food during the rainy days.

Heartifying! At least, that's how I remembered our food choices that day.

Mami at Siopao for Two (Php 218) 

                                           Two Binondo Mami 


                                            Two Honey-Cured Pork Pao

Served hot and bears an exotic appeal thanks to the pork's mixture of unique spices. 

Pork and egg slices, veggies and flat noodles swim in a distinct yet flavorful broth garnished with leeks and green onions. It made me wonder though what the back story was for naming this dish Binondo Mami. 

Kikiam (Php 78). What made my dining extra special was this kikiam! It had a crisp skin but a soft, chewy center. If it weren't for our movie date, I would have ordered two more servings of this yummy fried dish. This is most certainly a must-try! 

Black Gulaman with Sago (Php 68).

Take a peek at their menu.

Ma Chicken Mami House is the latest offspring from the family of North Park restaurants founded by the Soon brothers.

Visit their small resto at the 5th Level, Trinoma Mall to enjoy more of their specialties.


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  1. this is the one near the cinema? haha i thot they're like a so-so rest. lng, might try it, thanks for this!

  2. hi wickeRmoss! yes, you're's at the Cinema level. it's worth a try. do let me know what you think of it ha. thanks for the visit!

  3. Hi Kaye! I'm terribly missing the Filipino foods especially the "siopao". Thay have it here, too but I like our own version of Siopao. :) Whahh! your kikiam is quite expensive ha...the portion is very little.
    Nice to be back here!

  4. Hi Krizza! How does the Vietnamese siopao differ from our own siopao? I'm really curious to know. Yes, you're right. The kikiam is a little steep considering its small portion. Thanks for visiting. Can't wait to read all your adventures there. Hugs from the Philippines.

  5. cute ni tutapel sa picture nya dito...=)