Friday, September 23, 2011

Bonding over Hinilawod at the CCP

My bronchitis didn't stop me from watching Hinilawod last September 4 at the CCP Main Theater. With a battalion of four-1 niece and 3 nephews-I spearheaded our one-of-a-kind cultural escapade, well sort of. I forgot to bring a map for my 18 year-old nephew that he could navigate from resulting in a series of wrong turns and late arrivals.

We were left famished by the road trip and decided to dine first before going to the musicale.

After around twenty minutes of going around the mall, we finally settled for the Bacolod Chk-n-BBQ House  located at the food strip around Mall of Asia. 

Actually, I was quite pleased because they offered affordable set meals for group clients. Imagine, our choice,  Set 3, was just worth Php 880.

                                                    With Kathlynish and Kristiany

                                        Pao and Chix sporting the "I'm a tough guy look"

As expected, while waiting for the food, we started our usual picture taking or in the vernacular "kodakan."

They first served a tower of some chilled iced tea.

Then, a huge serving of Java Rice topped with "Taba ng Talangka"(Crab Paste) was placed on the table.

Next, a sizzling plate of some Chili Seafood.

A steaming hot bowl of Sinigang  na Bangus (milkfish).

Another hot plate of Tuna Sisig.

A serving of some delicious Crispy Crablets which disappeared in a matter of minutes.

After dinner, we rushed to CCP. Since we didn't know where to park, a funny thing happened. We left the car at the employees' parking area and went through a labyrinth of wrong turns before we arrived at the Main Theater to watch  Hinilawod

As a celebration of all the craziness that happened from the time we left MOA, we flashed our signature "V" sign in these photos.

Watching Hinilawod was like unveiling a piece of our past that has been left hidden from us for centuries. It offers an interesting approach in bridging this gap by combining history, music, dramatics and interesting stage design and props. The result? A sparkling and unforgettable glimpse at pre-historic Philippines like never before.

No wonder the audience huddled outside the theater and enthusiastically went for several photo-ops with the very congenial cast. Imagine, all the cast members were positioned in different parts of the hallway and welcomed anyone who wanted a photo taken with them. What's beautiful was that despite the fact that they just performed and all, they managed to accommodate photo-ops with grace and kindness.

Kathlynish and Kristiany were very happy to get their picture taken with one of the highly-esteemed cast members. See? He was all smiles! Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries. Oh! I was so disappointed that night!

We settled for Kristiany's camera phone and somehow it washed away my disappointment.

To sum it all, bonding over Hinilawod was truly one of the best times we ever had as a group! I truly pray that someday soon, we can watch it again in Dumaguete City, the musicale's birthplace. 

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  1. wow! looks good. ang daming tao sa show. parang sold out? bigla akong nagutom sa java rice at sinigang pictures. :)

  2. wow, such a fun filled day!
    and those foodie, made me hungry ^^

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    let me know your thoughts about it.