Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Battle of the Portuguese (Egg) Tarts: Lord Stow's Bakery Philippines vs. Macau Tower & Tea Plus (As Featured in Boys over Flowers)

Can you spot the differecent between photos 1 and 2?

                                                                    Photo 1

                                                                      Photo 2

At first glance, you may have thought that these portuguese tarts all came from the same store; but, just shot with different camera settings. The first photo looked like it was taken with the flash on while the second one, grainy and blurry, gives the impression that the flash wasn't used at all.

How would you react when I told you that the 1st photo came from Lord Stow's Bakery Trinoma Branch while the 2nd one was a photo taken from Koi Kei Bakery in Macau? Sadly, since I was already full at the time, I skipped Ko Kei's tarts which I deeply regretted later that day. I should have brought a box of these tarts back home. HuHuHu...

           Portuguese tarts from Tea Plus, Senado Square in Macau (HKD 5 or Php 28 each)

The reason was just minutes before, I ate two egg tarts from the popular stall called Tea Plus which was popularized by the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. In one episode, Ji hoo and Jandi bought a box of egg tarts from this same store which became the stall's ticket to fame.

What I Thought About Their Tarts:
Although I had a deeper sense of connection to Geum Jandi and Ji Hoo after eating the tarts, they failed to impress me. Maybe because the crust was too thick for comfort and not flaky at all.

Portuguese Tarts From Patisserie, Macau Tower ( HKD 7 or PHP 39 each)

The Tea Plus tarts suffered in comparison to the egg tarts I tried at the Patisserie inside the Macau Tower.  Those tarts were unbelievably delicious! They had a buttery, crisp pastry shell oozing with a crème brulee-like custard filling and a caramelized top. It tasted like Christmas morning!

                             Lord Stow's Bakery Trinoma Branch (Php 42 or HKD 8)

Somehow when I tasted the tarts from Lord Stow's recently, I had a strange feeling of deja vu. The crust tasted just like the tarts at the Patisserie! However, the similarities ended there. Lord Stow's custard diverted from the authentic Macanese flavor which is known for its very rich filling highlighted by a strong egg yolky register. On the other hand, Lord Stow's Philippines concocted an egg pie-ish tart which is delicious, but failed to bring out that distinct flavor associated with the original tarts from Macau.

My verdict? Delicious, but sadly, not as authentic as they portray them to be. Or maybe that's just the way Lord Stow's wants their egg tarts to come out by subduing the egg yolky taste for a more smooth and delicate finish.

Lower Ground
Macau Tower

Koi Kei Bakery 
Koi Kei Bakery Website

Tea Plus
7 Rue de Palha
Avenida de Almedia Ribeiro

Lord Stow's Bakery Philippines
2nd Floor Food Court, Trinoma Mall
Ground Floor, Market Market
Level 3, The Podium
Level 2, Glorietta 3
Level 3, Glorietta 4

Footnote: Thank you TJ's Daily for the list of branches.

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  1. yumm. lord stow's!!

  2. hi U8mypinkcookies! you're right, they're yummo!

  3. hi momsie kaye, i found similar chinese pastries in kl's imbi market. :)