Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old Navy at SM Dept. Store: Knock-Off, Factory Defective or Original Item?

Something caught my eye recently and it's not make-up nor any skin care product at that; but, a blue sports shirt for toddlers! The reason behind this was Tutapel has the exact same thing.  

Shirt A refers to Tutapel's shirt. Shirt B however, was the SM shirt I saw on display. Can you spot the difference between them? I doubt it. Identical colors. Identical number design. And when you feel the fabric, both shirts have the same one used down to the color stitching. 

When I got home, I looked for this shirt from a pile of many others given to him by U & M. 

Clearly, it said OLD NAVY: Made in the Philippines.

This tag was entirely missing on the SM shirt I saw.

It didn't have any brand for it was obviously cut out but the Made in the Philippines label was still intact. For me, it could only mean 4 things: 
  • Knock-off from a local competitor, which to me is unlikely; 
  • Factory defective items are being sold at SM Department stores; 
  • Manufacturer is producing the same shirts with or without authorization from Old Navy;
  • Old Navy saw the design first, liked it and made the local manufacturer as one of their international  sub-contractors.
Of course, I'm hoping that it is either the 3rd(with authorization of course) or 4th reason to keep any potential lawsuits at bay. How about you, what do you think is the most likely reason behind this scenario?


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  1. I would like to believe that these are overproduced pieces from the Old Navy manufacturer in the Philippines. Most probably, the design is not exclusive to Old Navy (which makes sense, as the brand doesn't market itself naman as a company with unique/original designs). The manufacturer cannot use the Old Navy tag for obvious reasons, thus they took it out before supplying it to SM =) Just my guess!! ;) During the peak of cargo pants in the 90s, my mom bought one from Tommy Hilfiger in the US and months after, we saw the exact same cargo pants being sold at SM Surplus shop. No tag din but it has the small but recognizable Tommy Hilfiger embroidery on one of the pockets.

  2. i agree with water and wine. clothing companies only orders a certain number of pieces per design from a factory. the ones left, bahala na ang factories how they'll dispose of them. i think this is the most likely explanation.

  3. hi musicalfan (crystal)! hi water and wine! your reasons sound more feasible than mine. thanks so much for the visit. can't wait to visit your sites.have a good day!