Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OF SWATCHES & SOLILOQUIES: Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base, Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize Palette & Tony Moly Eyeshadow

As you're already aware of, swatches on the wrist area provide us a glimpse of how a particular cosmetic may look on our skin. But that's just what they do-predict-for when applied on the actual face part, results may vary. Following this line of thinking, I present you several swatches from three Korean make-up brands: Skin FoodMajolica Majorca and Tony Moly.

Let's start off with Skin Food's Lime Secret Shine Base, a gift from dearest MC. It's a good cover under BB Cream or foundation but also acts perfectly by itself. Those with dry to normal skin can benefit much from this type of cosmetic because it creates a dewy look. Those with combination skin can also look good in it provided that you hardly have any flaws since the sheen can highlight your imperfections somehow.

The product comes with this type of applicator.

When applied on skin in three layers, the outcome looks something like this.

And when spread on skin, the effect is quite luminous and glowing!

But if you have oily skin and you still want to use the Shine Base, a good way to achieve a satin finish, would be to mix it with your favorite BB Cream.

After mixing...

..the outcome looks like this-creamier and has a darker undertone because of the BB Cream. Of course, the swatch's texture and hue will vary depending on the BB Cream used.

I applied the rest of the concoction on the wrist area and came up with this.

I was looking for something with a light pink hue that was why I settled for the Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize in PK333 (Php 495).

When spread on the skin using my middle finger, the outcome looks like this-light pink with some luminous yet not frosty effect.

I wanted to pair my blush with an eye shadow that is not frosty yet sparkly and I found it in Tony Moly Shade AE002 (Php 290).

                         Photo taken  6 hours after application

Up close, the Tony Moly shadow emits light yellow sparkles but in this photo, I don't think the true color was captured well enough.

The finished look is inspired by what Coco Chanel once said, "The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you!" Since the shadow and blush blended well with my skin tone and with my new Kryolan lippie, I can say that I'm very happy with my haul. 

As you already knowfinding colors that complement your skin tone is the best principle to take in consideration when buying cosmetics. Although your first impulse is to make swatches of them, applying them on the specific face part is more effective in gauging whether their hue and texture are perfect for your skin tone or not. 


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  1. nice, i'm curious about that skin food~

    lovely FOTD dear :)

  2. Hi dear Kate! yes. i was too! the finish looks really cool...thanks so much for the compliment, Kate!mwah!