National Heroes' Day Musings: Lapu-Lapu's (a.k.a Kalipulaku) Real Legacy

For hundreds of years now, Lapu-Lapu has been relegated to a mere fish name and a sub-standard statue where outlandish comments such as "the man in diapers" sadly came from. I'm ashamed to admit it, but somehow, I never really thought of Lapu-Lapu as a hero. Blame it on my ignorance of Philippine History and anything else associated with it.

         Lapu-Lapu a.k.a Kalipulaku statue in the heart of Cebu             

But recently, thanks to preachings and seminars I've heard at Crossroad 77, I was given the chance to understand who Lapu-Lapu really was. As the brave native chief of Mactan, Datu Kalipulaku, Lapu-Lapu's real name, was not a war freak who killed Magellan out of sheer boredom as portrayed in some of our history books.

What actually happened was that Ferdinand Magellan and his 27 Spanish commanders and crew of the galleons Trinidad, Concepcion and Victoria raped the 50 virgins of Cebu! That was the real reason why the datu killed the spaniard and his men during a banquet on April 27, 1521. It was actually an acrimonious cry for retribution on how the spaniards trampled on our women's honor; and most certainly not just as a random killing spree for cultural domination.

When our family visits Cebu this December, we will most definitely go to Kalipulaku's statue and reflect on his bravery and wholehearted devotion to freedom and national liberty.


Yey! Got My Hinilawod Tickets Already!

Finally, I was able to take hold of them! The tickets to this season's one-of-a-kind musical HINILAWOD: Tales from the Halawod River.

If you haven't been introduced to this gem of a musical yet, I exhort you to read this: MUST ATTEND: HINILAWOD AT THE CCP THIS SEPTEMBER. Discover why you and your family should never miss watching it.

Mark your calendars now! Hinilawod runs from September 3 to 4, 2011 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater. Ticket prices are Php 1,500, Php 1000 and Php 500. Get your tickets now! Call Creative Futures Inc. at 374-4822 or Ticketworld at 981-9999.

See you there!


Teaser: A Glimpse of Korean Superstar Kim Hyun Joong at Trinoma

There's much to say. But I don't know where to begin.

Maybe I can start with this. Hopefully, I can finish the blog within the week, primarily for dearest Mars Cel and Kathlynish--two of KHJ's biggest fans.

Hope you'll stay tuned for my story....


Are You Ready For Kim Hyun Joong Tonight at the Trinoma Mall?

Kim Hyun Joong's posters are all over Trinoma for the past month already.

Outside the Landmark building, KHJ towered over all the commuters and motorists eager to take a look at the Korean superstar.

At the Trinomall mall entrance, KHJ welcomed visitors 24/7.

And at the Activity Center itself, the tarp held a promise of the star's electrifying concert scheduled tonight at 6 PM. Unfortunately, there are only 400 slots up for grabs and they are quickly disappearing right this very minute. To get your admission pass, just purchase his Break down album worth Php 500 right now at the activity center booth. I've been told that the queue is already quite long for the fans have lined up since the mall opened at 10AM. 

Aja! Aja!


Thanks Blogapalooza For The Invite!

I can't believe that I got an invite to the very first Blogapalooza- a one-of-a-kind event that brings businesses and bloggers together in one venue. Innovative ideas for blogs, terrific bonding moments plus some amazing freebies await the 150 invited bloggers on September 17th at Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street. 

If you would like to be a part of this event, simply click on this to be directed to the host site. Remember: There are only 150 slots up for grabs. Hurry! Register now.

Thank you Blogapalooza for the invite! And of course, many thanks to my dear blogger friend Vin Ello of The Intersections and Beyond for letting me know about this event. More power!


Alone Time At A Korean Grocery Store

It was one of those days when I just wanted to pull the cottony covers up my head and hide underneath them. The chilly breeze coming from the windows tempted me to give up on my plans that night. Somehow, I found the will to kiss Tutapel goodbye to give way to a very important lecture by F. Sionil Jose at Crossroad 77. 

My first stopover was short n' sweet because of the rains. However, I can't stop myself from taking snapshots of this kind security guard who so willingly helped some of the employees braved through the rains by taking refuge underneath his black umbrella. Although, I don't recall much of my work experiences at ABS, what I do remember is that the network boasts of some of the nicest security guards around.

Since I wasn't able to find the Kopi Roti branch near ABS, the next best thing, I thought, would be to have some ramen at a Korean grocery store along Timog Avenue, just a few blocks away from Crossroad 77. 

But before selecting the ramen, I went straight to their cooler to get this popular Banana Flavored Milk Drink (Php 33) which was a regular feature in several Korean dramas . I was struck by the strong banana flavor which dominated the milk in all levels. Although I wasn't really sure if it blended well with the ramen, I was still glad that I got to taste it. 

Taking snapshots while waiting for the noodles seemed to be the most logical thing to do at the time. Quite honestly, I was really aiming to get some product shots. And the best way to hide my true intention was to portray that I was just having my usual "Kodak moments."

Tempura Noodles (Php 37 plus Php 5 for the hot water ). Mildly spiced al dente noodles sprinkled with some chewy tempura bits.

As if on cue, a minute after my embarrassing photo-ops, the kind store assistant served my ramen of choice in hot water.

Soon after, I went straight to their freezer to grab a piece of korean ice cream  that I haven't tried before.

Somehow this Cled'or Drumstick (Php 60) caught my attention. Although it's pricier than the other ones I've had before, it was truly worth every cent. Its visual appeal really came from the generous almond toppings, caramelized for that extra flavor. It also didn't melt that fast compared to some of our local drumsticks around. 

While enjoying the yummy ice cream, I noticed the korean grocery that Bala, Tutapel and myself visited before. Suddenly, I wondered if Tutapel missed me as much as I was missing him right that very moment?

Oh well, in a few hours, I thought, I get to hug Tutapel once again. At that moment, however, I needed to hear F. Sionil Jose's Reflections on Rizal. Do stay tuned for some of my learnings from his lecture in the coming weeks.


TVXQ Duo: The New Faces of MISSHA

So what do TVXQ Duo and MISSHA have in common?

As it turned out, Yunho and Changmin are the new image models for the Korean cosmetic company MISSHA.  According to a press release given by Able-CNC Marketing, "TVXQ's powerful and luminous image coupled with their passion for bringing new ideas to the stage perfectly fits the brand image of MISSHA to a T. With TVXQ, MISSHA aims to become a global cosmetics brand in conjunction with the Hallyu wave, and thus become leaders of the international market".

                                                                 Courtesy of EtsaISR 

Here's a teaser featuring Yunho...

                                                                      Courtesy of EtsaISR 

..and another with Changmin on the spotlight.

Fans are really looking forward to watch more of the duo in MISSHA's future ads. For more information on their product endorsements, just "like" MISSHA Philippines on Facebook.


Must Attend: Hinilawod The Musicale at the CCP this September

I remember vividly that it was on the 21st day of October 2010 at Crossroad 77 in Mother Ignacia, Quezon City, when I first saw Hinilawod LIVE! Months before that, the play was already staged successfully in Dumaguete City. Unfortunately, we failed to see it over there. Bala just transferred to a new job at the time and it was virtually impossible for him to be granted another set of vacation leaves.

                               Courtesy of

Imagine my thrill when I finally saw a teaser that Sunday morning! I have heard rave reviews about the play but seeing it up close was beyond anything I've expected. Proof was that I've got goosebumps all over! I felt like I was transported back to pre-historic Philippines because of the way the characters spoke, sang, looked and moved. While watching, I can't help but remember all the prior lectures I've heard about the play. The  Philippines, they say, boasted of a rich socio-cultural tradition even before the colonizers came. But since our history was written by the colonizers themselves, they twisted the truth to their advantage and robbed us off our national dignity.

What I love about Hinilawod is that it gives us a glimpse of our rich culture during a time when the Philippines still had honor. Whenever I wear the Hinilawod shirt for instance, I feel like I'm part of that movement to bring back the dignity that has been taken from us for so long.

After the teaser performance, I was able to buy that black shirt and the partner comic book. The beautiful thing about these souvenirs is that they make the Hinilawod vision accessible to fans, like me. Furthermore, just being aware that such Filipino epic exists, is in itself a national miracle!

In fact, when I saw Ms. Lea Salonga during the Meet & Greet hours later, I just found myself handing her the comic book!

Before this play, I didn't know anything about Hinilawod. I didn't know that it is comparable to Homer's Odyssey and Iliad with an even greater advantage. The Iliad has only 15,700 verses compared to  Hinilawod's 28,340 verses! An even greater surprise was when I finally realized that the author was the father of our dear org adviser and friend from UP Diliman!

Kuya Bot's father, National Artist for Literature Prof. F. Landa Jocano wrote Hinilawod in 1955 to disprove his teacher's allegation that the Philippines didn't have any epic. Armed with dogged determination and a passion for the unknown, he traveled his hometown of Panay and even the the uplands of Lambunao, Maasin, Janiuay and Calinog in Iloilo in search of that elusive epic.

It was only when he reached these towns that he finally found what he had been looking for. There, he got introduced to the long and popular tale called Hinilawod. Since the epic was by nature an oral tradition, an old man called Ulang Udig had to sing the epic to him. The following year, Jocano brought with him a technician and an amphibious tape recorder to record the old man. However, when he visited him again the following year for the tale's complete recording, the old man refused to cooperate. Fortunately, Jocano was able to record another singer by the name of Hugan-an after much coaxing and cajoling. Can you believe that it took three weeks to record the complete 30 hour epic poem?

But not a lot of us are familiar with Jocano's cultural pilrimage at least not until it was made into a musical by a group of creative imagineers who go by the name of Hiyas Kayumanggi, whose main mission is to bring this epic to life!

                                                           Courtesy of

So what is Hinilawod really all about? The story revolves around the love shared between Alunsina, goddess of the eastern sky and her husband, the mortal Datu Paubari

                                                            Courtesy of

Alunsina chose him over all the unmarried gods of the different domains in the universe who later on plotted to destroy the bridegroom at all cost. Read the rest of the story here. 

The epic's rich thematic vein runs from  an arterial river rife with a people's deep longing and search for a deity or a god. That said, no one can deny that there's much Christianity in Hinilawod if you were keen on the symbolisms behind each character and ancient tradition presented in the story.


                              Courtesy of Creative Futures

Mark your calendars now! Hinilawod runs from September 3 to 4, 2011 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater. Ticket prices are Php 1,500, Php 1000, Php 500 and Php 300. Get your tickets now! Call Creative Futures Inc. at 374-4822 or Ticketworld at 981-9999.

See you there!