Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Kryolan Lippies Are A Hit Among Local Celebs!

Once, I told Ren how much I loved Gelai's Lipstick, Bea Alonzo's character in the ABS-CBN soap Magkaribal. 

She said that it could be from Kryolan- Bea's fave brand and also a favorite among other celebs like Kris Aquino, Jinky Pacquiao and of course, several professional make-up artists in the industry. I went to their SM North Edsa branch the first time just to look around. The second time, I went there primarily to purchase Bea's lippie. The kind beauty consultant took hold of their in-store lipstick palette and showed Bea's choice:  Lipstick Classic Shade LC122. When I put it on, the lippie glided smoothly and the pigmentation was really very good! 

Somehow I felt that a much lighter tint will look better on me. I put on the LC121 shade and fell in love with it instantly!

As you can see it has very good pigmentation!

                       Without Flash

It also complements my skin tone which is a must in choosing lippies.

I used the lippie as a rouge too! On top of it, I applied Etude's Peach Balm Blusher.

What I love about it:
* Great and bold pigmentation
* Creamy matte nature
* Easy glide-on ability even without lip gloss
* Doubles as a good rouge (blusher)
* Quite affordable
* Good staying power

What I'm not particularly fond of:
* Although it has a good staying power, it still stains on drinking glasses and my toddler's cheeks.
* It lasted on my lips for a few hours without flaking, but I felt a little dry somehow that I put on a layer of lip gloss on top of it. The gloss, however did not diminish the lippie's bold pigmentation in any way.

Will I buy another one?
Oh yes. Most definitely!

In fact, I'm not just thinking of purchasing lippies, but also their blusher which was pretty amazing. Yes, I asked the kind beauty consultant if I can try their bestseller. When I put it on, I immediately thought of Geum Jandi's cheeks on Boys Over Flowers! My cheeks were glowing naturally because of its matte, pinkish finish. 

I also liked their 3D foundation/concealer very much. I told myself that if I were still on TV, I might have bought it at first sight. The finish reminded me very much of my Kanebo foundation, a definite favorite during my TV newscasting days.

Just in case you're interested, I bought my lippie for Php 650 at Kryolan SM North Edsa. They also have this amazing Lip Palette for Php 2,500 which I think is great if you're a make-up artist, into modelling,  showbiz or simply a self-confessed make-up junkie. Now, I've finally understood why Kryolan is a hit among industry insiders.

The Block
SM North Edsa
(Near The Face Shop)
Kryolan Philippines on Facebook


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  1. uy lucky, sana they will put up a store in makati as well.

    nice color shade~

  2. The lipstick complements your skin tone nga. :) Pretty!

  3. Hi dear kitten! yeah I know. para mas malapit sa iyo...

  4. hello pammy!that's so sweet of you to say. thank you!

  5. i like the color of your lipstick! i nominated you for an award! check this out

  6. Wow!Thanks so much Diane!It's an honor...

  7. gorgeous shade! suits you well!:))

  8. very nice shade! you wear it real well :)

  9. hi wickeRmoss!That's so sweet of you!Thank you!

  10. thank you so much Aya!Can't wait to visit your site!

  11. Hi Crystal! Thank you for the nice words and the vist!!!!I really appreciate it!

  12. very nice shade! you wear it real well :)

  13. i like the color of your lipstick! i nominated you for an award! check this out