Thursday, July 7, 2011

Try For Just A Dollar!

I know that I don't write much about what I do as an internet voice-over artist because there are usually NDAs or (Non-Disclosure Agreements) involved. That means I can be prosecuted for any violations! Doing voice-overs on the internet is not that well-known here in the Philippines, so in an effort to help raise awareness, I would like to invite you to my site just to give you an idea about what I do for a living. Simply click on the photo below to be directed to my site.

Thanks for listening! If you think, you might have what it takes to get into the voice-over biz, why not join right now?

For just a dollar, you'll have the opportunity to audition to several voice-over gigs set-up by clients from around the world. Hurry! This promo is limited and offered only until July 10, 2011. Click on the photo above to start the application process.

All the best!


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