Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arrival at the Macau Terminal En Route To Macau Tower

After a sumptuous brunch at Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant, it was time for a much anticipated side trip to nearby Macau.

We managed to get a cab right in front of the resto. Somehow we were able to convey that we wanted to go to the ferry terminal en route to Macau. If my memory serves me right, the flat rate among cabs was HKD 18 or around PhP 98.50. The rate was pretty steep considering that here in the Philippines the minimum charge is Php 40.

When we arrived at the China Ferry Terminal located in Tsim Sha Tsui, I reveled in the idea that our Macau rendezvous was just hours away. It seemed like we arrived at dusk here although in actuality it was already noon time.

Ticket prices were around HKD 140 or Php 811.90. If I remember it right, senior citizens and children can avail of discounts.

We asked the kind sir about the ferry schedule. He told us that the next ride en route to the Macau Marine Ferry Terminal was still an hour later.

That meant exploring the terminal slash mall a bit to make the most of our downtime. I went to SaSa, my favorite beauty store for some photo ops. I stopped myself from entering because I was afraid that I'll splurge right away. With a tenacity that was even unknown to me, I managed to calm my instinct to shop just by loitering around.

The vendo right here sparked a lovely memory about a similar one at the Ana Hotel Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture in Japan. Instead of cold drinks, however, it sold food items such as burgers, yakisoba and ramen served steaming hot after you insert the coin and press the button of your choice.

When we finally boarded the ferry boat, I was both ecstatic and apprehensive. Ecstatic because in just an hour, we'll be arriving in Macau. But I was also quite concerned about motion sickness which threatened to rob me of a good time.

Thank goodness, the ride was smooth and sweet.  All my apprehensions were laid to rest.

We needed to pass by immigration, of course, to be given free access to this former Portuguese colony.

It took us several minutes before we finally received the stamp of approval. Afterwards, we saw a Filipino who urged us to hire him as a tour guide. We respectfully declined the offer and instead went ahead with our Do-It-Yourself Tour. No, we didn't exchange our Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) for some Macau Pattaca. We were told that we didn't have to, since in Macau, HKD was also widely accepted.

It was raining pretty hard that afternoon.

And we were torn between riding the shuttle or the cab.

When I saw the Venetian signage, I told myself, "not yet." We will definitely save that visit for last.

We had a hard time looking for the correct shuttle en route to Macau Tower. To save some time and energy, we took the cab instead. And from there, we had a glimpse of the country's modern attractions.

When I saw this ingeniously designed obelisk standing 338 meters high with a 90 meter steel mast, I somehow suspected that it was the infamous Macau Tower, designed by Gordon Moller of CCMBECA, New Zealand.  

Clearly, Macau Tower is becoming one of the most popular attractions in the city thanks to its array of world-class facilities and amenities.

I can't resist taking a snapshot in front of this interesting piece of sculpture seen at the entrance of the tower.

Inside, this backdrop proved to be a very popular photo-op spot among tourists, such as ourselves.

The tower never seemed to run out of interesting backdrops perfect for snapshots.

There was even a a toy store inside!

It offered a variety of slot machines to both kids and tots.

As expected, it had a sea of toys to lure kids like Tutapel!

Ren and I were so looking forward to dine at the 360 Cafe which was quite famous for its mouth-watering buffet. Sadly, we weren't able to catch their lunch special at all.

To be given access to this portion called the Indoor Observation Deck, we had to pay according to these ticket prices:

Adults: MOP 120
Senior Citizens (Age 65 and above): MOP 60
Children (Age 11 and under): MOP 60
Infants (Under Age 3): Free of Charge

It was indeed exciting to see the city skyline of the Pearl River Delta from the inside.

It was quite scary for me to do this because of my fear of heights. Just imagine, I saw the spectacular view of the Macau Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane, 223 meters from above this glass floor!

From this pose though, Ren and Bala seemed fearless!

Access to the Level 61 Outdoor Observation Deck was included in the entrance pass. Here, we had the chance to enjoy the view reaching 55 kilometers away!

There was also the infamous AJ Hackett group offering several thrill-seeking activities such as SkyJump, Skywalk X and Bungy Jump. 

But the most exhilirating activity seemed to be the bungy- jump! 

For around HKD 1888 or Php 10,341, you'll experience your life's greatest thrill by jumping from a 233 meter high tower. And for HKD 2888 or Php 15, 819, your jump will be recorded on DVD.

Since we weren't really prepared to do any of the three, I resorted to buying some affordable gift items instead. I thought that the multi-colored AJ Hacket ballers were perfect for my nephews and nieces. Each one was sold for HKD 10 or around Php 55.

On the other hand, Bungy Bear was available at HKD 99 or Php 542.

We were  so famished by all the sight-seeing that we went down from the Observation Deck and had some snacks at  the Patisserie

Afterwards, Tutapel regarded the spacious floors as a giant crib in which he just crawled around in!

I can't help but smile when I saw a huge branch of SaSa inside the Macau Tower.

The outside proved to be as interesting as the inside.

I finally realized why Macau Tower is now regarded as one of the most interesting places in the city. Don't miss out on all the fun! Remember to include it in your itinerary to make your trip even more enjoyable. 

Macau Tower
10 AM to 9 PM (Weekdays)
9 AM to 9PM    (Weekends)

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  1. woowww...i didnt manage to go to Macau tower last time i went running out of time..since i only stay 2days 1nite at Macau....emm i afraid of height to...but at the same time i love it..i love to try...mybe next time i will come back there =D

  2. hello Waniesya! yes. i know what you mean. i'm scared of heights too! i felt like my legs turned jelly when i was standing on the glass floor...thanks for the visit w!

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