Friday, July 29, 2011

Play Time At Kryolan Cosmetics

During a rare alone time this week, I went to the German cosmetics company Kryolan to check out their blush. It captured my interest during my last visit, and ever since, I have really been thinking on whether to buy it or not. 

There was really no harm in trying so I went there and asked the kind beauty consultant about their bestselling blush as I've forgotten the name of the pink shade that I had on last time.

I got really excited when I saw their vanity table most especially when I saw the blush palette waiting for me like that. 

But since I had some blush on, I asked Ms. Leah if I could borrow their concealer to erase some of my cheek color. Wrong decision. Since I had powder on, the concealer became somewhat flaky on my skin for it is best to use it without any powder on, according to the kind miss. I turned to my good old-fashioned Heroine Make BB Cream by Kiss Me Japan which I bought from SaSa Hong Kong last year to prep my cheeks. 

With 24 shades to choose from, I didn't know where to begin!

As it turned out, their R9 shade was their bestseller. At first sight, I thought that it won't color much when I  put it on. I found out later that it's matt pink shade was just a sweet diversion from its rich pigmentation. Looks can be quite deceiving sometimes.

When I used my angled blush brush, the color just glided smoothly and quite intense, may I add, on first application.

Proof was that even though I took this photo near the window, with the natural light coming right through it, I can still see the vivid pink surfacing through my cheeks. I love that! It reminded me of Geum Jandi's cheeks in the hit Korean drama Boys Over Flowers.

Although I had my Kryolan lippie with me, I still asked Ms. Leah if I could see their lip palette oozing with 66 shades!

I asked her from which palette was Bea Alonzo's lip color from Magkaribal and she told me it's the LC122! It took me only one episode of watching the Tagalog soap and I've already fallen in love with Bea's lippie! I've often wondered where she got it. Alas, now I know. 

I asked the other kind beauty consultant, Ms. Annie Joy about their other bestselling shade. If I remember it correctly, she told me it's the LC001 which is another favorite among local celebs. Or is it the LC002? Any which way, the shades look so gorgeous!!!!

My play time at Kryolan was truly de-stressing to say the least. Just imagine being surrounded with such beautiful colors waiting to be explored! 

And yes, I did buy the R9 blush (PhP 680) that I've been thinking about recently. I simply can't wait to try it at home! Thanks to Ms. Annie Joy Doringo and Ms. Leah Tabligan for the kind assistance.

The Block
SM North Edsa
(Near The Face Shop)
Kryolan Philippines on Facebook

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  1. 25kmegawattsmileJuly 29, 2011 at 2:31 PM

    Oh, I think I have to visit this. Meron na pala sa SM North. I was taken away buy Bea's lip color too in Magkaribal, I searched for the perfect fuchsia lipstick. I ended up buying a lippie from Shu Uemura. Her lip color was really pretty. How much are the lip color?

  2. Kryolan products are nice. I just wasn't able to get over the scent of their blushes so I let go of them but they are intensely pigmented. :) Have you tried their Anti Shine Powder? It's my fave from Kryolan. :)

  3. Wow. great colors. :) btw, I am your new follower hope you will visit and follow my page. :)

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  5. Hi Jewel Clicks!Yes. I will surely do. thanks for the add!

  6. hi Pammy! yes their blush is really greatly pigmented. you know what?I've been sniff the blush like crazy to get familiar with that unpleasant scent. pero parang wala yata yung sa akin? hmmmm. better try again. ye. i've tried it in their store but i didn't buy it. i have to agree. it's a great find! thanks for the visit!

  7. hi 25megawattsmile! we're so alike! i've been looking for it too! the lip color costs! do you have a review of that shu uemura lippie? can't wait to read it!!!