Musings: A Rare Alone Time At The Mall

I treasure every alone time I get as it doesn't come very often. I completely understand that I need to recharge my batteries and refill my emotional tank. I'm quite surprised that Oprah believed that too when she mentioned it in several of her shows. Refreshed. Revitalized. That's what I usually am after every "planned seclusion." As much as I enjoy being surrounded with my loved ones, I also have a blast just being alone.

Call it the "only child syndrome." That means, I'm most at home with myself! As I grew up being one, I've lived in a world of never-ending imagination thanks to dad's books and of course, my favorite TV series. There I started to dream about life. Wrapped with idealistic visions and wishful far-away lands, I began to learn the value of dreaming beyond my resources and opportunities. As it turned out, it is only now that I've seen some of those dreams into reality. 

Oh no! Being in a clinic/ hospital is not one of them. Truth is, I haven't been hospitalized except for the time when I delivered my son. That miraculous event though has left me with a lower back problem. Three years ago, I was advised to go into therapy. But since I thought it wasn't that serious, I didn't follow the doctor's recommendation. Two months ago, the pain recurred and intensified which finally pushed me to have it checked once again. 

After the tests, I went down to the 4th floor to find something to eat.

I saw the Soya Bar and figured that their meals looked light enough and easy to prepare. That meant I didn't have to wait that long for my order.

After a 13 hour fast, I was virtually famished. Actually my lab tests just required between 8 and 10 hours. But since I arrived late at the clinic, I needed to extend my fast a bit longer.

After 5 minutes, the kind server brought my order to my absolute delight!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Php 79). A medley of grilled chicken and salsa with no mayonnaise as per request. I was pretty content with it because of the crunchy tones generated from the toast which revealed fresh salsa at the core of it. No fireworks though, but quite satiating. Perfect for breaking my 13 hour fast.

Soya  Milk (Php 40). Although I'm quite allergic to soy milk in large doses, I figured that since I'm just ingesting 40 ml worth of allergens, I would be left untouched. My prediction was right! Oh! I simply love soy for it's light, creamy and beany taste which screams good nutrition! Although there is a lot of conflicting research about soy, some say it's healthy and anti-cancer, another group says it promotes cancer in some way, I guess there's no harm in including a little bit of soy in your diet, at least if you're not deathly allergic to it. 

After brunch, I went a couple of  floors down for some R & R before the next procedure at the clinic. 

From this vantage point, I had a glimpse of my next destination: Kryolan.

There I had a one-of-a-kind play time!

To keep my spirits up while waiting for the last procedure, I took snapshots of my new blush.

Since I wasn't ready to undergo that test yet, I spent my time just loitering around. But then Piolo's photo distracted me from my already aimless pursuit.

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I never miss visiting Gong Cha whenever I'm at the mall. That day, I decided to be more adventurous by adding pearls to my fave Winter Melon Milk Tea. LOL.

As I returned back to the clinic, I sneaked into the taping of Talentadong Pinoy for fun! I caught the Floor Director, if I'm not mistaken, prepping the audience and concocting all kinds of games to keep them bursting with excitement.

Right after a short trip back to the clinic, I was all set to go home. But not until I bought some essentials...

Takoyaki as finale was not a bad way to cap my rare alone time. I just wished though that my next rendezvous won't include any clinic slash hospital again.

Footnote: Days after this post, the results came out "negative and unremarkable" which in medical terms meant "normal." Still, the pain was still there and so I was advised to go into physical therapy which I will absolutely follow this time around lest that condition interferes with our travel plans in any way. Not to mention my DVD workouts with Jillian Michaels and David Kirsch--my invisible trainers.


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  1. yes kaye, actually after pregnancy, women's backbone weakens a bit. that is why after pregancy, calcium is always advised by doctors. i used to have a single mom ex and i remember buying caltrate plus for her regularly, aside from her other sustenance.

  2. speaking of takoyaki, the best one that i have tasted is the one at Little Tokyo's Hana. where's yours.

  3. Hi Jon Ray!Thanks you so much for the visit!Truth is I've just tried takoyaki at the mall. hihihi. I better try it at Little Tokyo then. Thanks for the suggestion. Really? So she experienced that too? That's a relief. I really thought I had some sort of cancer! You're right. Surprisingly, when I started taking calcium supplement, my back became oh so much better! Galing!

  4. Best documentation of a day out alone! Great post! Love it teh!

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