Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Musings on the History of Churros & Dulcinea's Churros Con Chocolate ♪♪♪

This delectable dessert didn't only entice my appetite but my geeky nature as well.

I wasn't satisfied just by indulging in this yummy treat despite its heavenly crisp outer layer. I needed to find out how it came about so that I can fully enjoy everything about it. I soon discovered from this site  that churros were in fact invented by shepherds residing in the mountains of Spain. Back then, churros were cooked in a pan over an open fire. They resembled breadsticks and were eaten either plain or rolled in cinnamon sugar.

Today, one of the most popular ways of eating churros is by dunking them in hot chocolate. The sauce adds sweetness to the otherwise flavorless, fried pastry making the Churros con Chocolate an undeniable favorite worldwide.

Whenever I'm craving for this popular dessert, I usually dash to the nearest Dulcinea branch to satisfy my guilty pleasure. For me, this particular resto is able to capture everything I want in my favorite spiral-shaped treat. Their churros are indeed crunchy yet cake-like in the inside. And when dunked in the hot, rich choco sauce, I can't help but ask for more. I'm not at all surprised that this remains to be Dulcinea's most popular dessert to date.

Churros con Chocolate is available at all Dulcinea branches for Php 95.

To find out the nearest Dulcinea branch near your place, please click this.


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  1. the first time i ate churros at dulcinea was at banchetto, i didn't like it. I'll try it in the resto next time~

  2. yum! I'm craving for churros right now... =) I got so intrigued with this Spanish snack when I was watching Samantha Brown's Passport to Europe in the Travel & Living Channel that I tried making it at home (don't ask how it was..hehehe).

  3. IMO, they have the best churros :D

  4. thanks so much for the visit lovely ladies!