Saturday, July 16, 2011

Musings: How My Blog's Google Page Rank Rose From 0 to 3 in less than 12 Months

To be quite honest, I have never heard of Google Page Rank (PR) Checker before I joined  

As a freelancer, I welcomed blogging opportunities as much as voice talent jobs. I remember quite vividly that there was a client looking for those whose blogs had high PR ratings so that his company can place ads in them. Unfortunately for me, my blog had 0/10 PR Rating at the time.

I consulted my blogger-friend Vin Ello (Art Blogger) of The Intersections & Beyond about my predicament. Out of sheer kindness, he gave me several tips to make my site more reader friendly and definitely more attractive. Much of what you see in this blog came as a direct result of my friend's wise counsel. Thank you so much Vin!

Aside from Vin's pieces of advice, I also did the following steps to increase my PR rating in some way:
1.  I added my blog URL to two search enginesGoogle and Yahoo.
2.  Every time I finished a blog post, I made sure to ping it by sending it to Feed Shark.
3.  I also connected my blog to Facebook's Networked Blogs, Multiply and Twitter so that after every publication, my blog automatically appeared in these three social networks.
4.  I also visited and commented in a variety of fora that best represented my blog's fields of interest to draw in more readers.

In less than a year, I was so surprised to see that my PR rank rose from 0 to 3! Although this media ranking tool is just one of many ways to increase your web presence, it is always refreshing to know that your blog has a good PR rating.

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service
Want to know your blog's PR rating? Simply click on this link and enter your blog URL. Find out the result in a matter of seconds! Remember: Ratings do rise and fall in just a matter of days. It is therefore wise not only to focus on your rating but more so on your content. Ultimately, it will be your content that will draw readers to your site. And the ratings, as they say, will just be icing on the cake.

Wishing you and your blog all the best!


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  1. Thanks Ms. Kaye, your blog really helpful to those novice in blogging, just like me. I started my blog last week, your blog site and many others inspired me to create my own. :). Infact, I never end my day without visiting your blog. :). And because I started blogging, I was thinking on how my blog site be searchable, I research and research, until I saw your blog today! just in time. Thanks for your post! It really helps! I hope my blogsite someday will become popular as yours. Wish me luck! and God bless you. More power.

  2. Hi Vive!Your post is so heartwarming and inspires me to do more blog posts such as this. Just tell me what you need so that I too can support your blog. More power!

  3. Hi Kaye! Thanks a lot for this. I checked mine and I'm happy that it is ranked 2. Cheers!

  4. Oh by the way, I'm Aubrey of Working Moms and More, I made the comment below.-

  5. Hi Kaye. Thanks for this post. Fed my blog to the shark. :) Didn't know about that.

  6. hi aubrey!jsut visited your site a while back.i can't get enough of your wonderful travels!!!!!!

  7. hi salmoncat!haha.i think the shark is happy now with all of your wonderful entries...

  8. The first use of the PR system was in 1996,[citation needed] when AMD used it to assert that their AMD 5x86 processor was as fast as a Pentium running at 75 MHz. The designation "P75" was added to the chip to denote this.