Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To Make A Nokia OVI Application For Your Website Just Like What I Did For My Blog

Yes, that's right! Timeless Confection is now available for free on your Nokia Phone via the Ovi Store. And I had a blast making it.

If you have a blog or your own website, why not generate a free application to better increase your number of hits per day and strengthen your online presence in the process. Don't get intimidated by all the perceived high-tech stuff. It's fairly easy and unbelievably fast to acquiring your own application. 

Simply follow these steps:

1.    Click this link.
2.    Click the GET STARTED BUTTON. 
3.    Select your site platform (Blogger, Youtube, Facebook, etc.).  
4.    Press the add button.
5.    Enter your site URL.
6.    Press the green double arrow icon to see how your icon will look like.
7.    Choose from the three formats available.
8.    Click NEXT STEP if satisfied with what you see.
9.    Upload an APPLICATION ICON.
10.  Upload your LOGO or change LOGO COLOR if you wish.
11.  Check some boxes in a separate screen flashed after you upload your logo. Press CONTINUE.
12.  Register your name and contact details and press ACCEPT TERMS and REGISTER.
13.  Your application will be available for use in 7 days and you will be notified about it via email. 

That's it! Refer to this guide sheet when you finally decide to creating your own Nokia OVI application for your site. 

Don't forget to subscribe to Timeless Confection by clicking on the icon above. Just press SET MY CELL to choose the brand of Nokia phone you are using and then you are ready to enable content to be made available straight to your phone. 

Thank you!


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  1. wow that's interesting! i'll try that on my other phone. thanks for sharing hun!

  2. that's really great! thanks for sharing ms. kaye! :)

  3. hi D! thank you for the visit!you can install it to your blog too...

  4. I have an app na kasi, yung tinatanong ko is yung "advertisement" ng app mismo. :D "Timeless Confection is available now..." Thanks in advance! :D

  5. hi NinMonster! You can try this:

    1. Sign in here: http://appwizard.ovi.com/web_nokia/signIn.jsp
    2. Click the PROMOTE Tab below your blog name.
    3. Click CREATE CUSTOM BANNERS located below the new window.
    4. On the new window opened, enter your APPLICATION URL found in the email stating that your blog is now included in the OVI store.
    5. Click GENERATE BANNERS. Below this tab, you'll see ASSETS. Below it is HOST. Click on HOST.
    6. Then you'll see the HTML codes for the ads. Choose which of the ads you like the best, copy the codes and add it to your sidebar.
    Hope that helps. Balitaan mo ako ha. Thanks!

  6. Thanks so much Kaye! Detailed "tutorial"! You're so kind! :D

  7. hi NinMonster!The pleasure is all mine.mwah!