Sunday, July 24, 2011

Food Diaries: The 3S of Almon Marina

Both Mars Cel and I wanted the 3S for brunch: salad, soup and sandwich. If we were to meet at SM The Block, the only deli I could think of was Almon Marina. I remember Bala and I dining at their SM Megamall branch several years back. But it was too long ago to remember their menu in detail. What I did recall was that soup and gourmet sandwiches were indeed their specialty. There, my dear friend and I enjoyed some quality time enjoying the 3S and another S--stories about Korean drama and K-Pop!

For starters, we ordered the Chef Salad. It's a good thing we didn't touch it yet for they missed one special ingredient--alfalfa sprouts, an absolute favorite.

Chef Salad (Php 130). Slices of chicken breast and ham, cheesecucumbers, tomatoes, onions, red and green bell peppers and some hard-boiled eggs are tossed in a bed of two varieties of crunchy iceberg lettuce and topped with alfalfa sprouts.The ingredients were served fresh and with a notorious crunch written all over them.

When smothered in blue cheese dressing, the salad is transformed into a decadent dish rich in flavor and oozing with taste. Other dressings such as the vinaigrette (a mix of olive oil and vinegar) and thousand island were also available. But if you want your salad to come more alive, make sure to pair it with blue cheese. You won't regret it.

Then we had a Sandwich, Soup and Drink Combo for Php 175 each.

Seafood Chowder. Rich, tasty and fresh. These are just some of the words I can think of to describe Almon Marina's Soup of the Day. I was extremely delighted that it was their featured soup that day for I absolutely love a good chowder. In fact, I was raving at another type of thick soup in this particular entry.

Sydney Special Roast Beef.  A medley of roast beef, tomato, apple and cheese slices plus some crisp lettuce, drizzled with horseradish sauce, mustard and served on rye bread with potato chips on the side. Mars Cel ordered this lite gourmet sandwich with the Philippine flag stuck to it. It looked so yummylicious at first sight. I just hoped that her baby enjoyed it too!

Pastrami On Rye. A fusion of pastrami, onion, tomato and pickles, drizzled with horseradish sauce, mustard and served on rye bread with some potato chips on the side. Spicy, with a slight tartness coming from the mixed sauces. The sandwich succeeded in highlighting the pastrami's texture and taste which I think was the chef's over-all intention. 

A shout-out to food bloggers: food photos are allowed but the place itself, a big NO! I think that's the only downside to our dining experience. Remember to order at the counter. Food and change will be served afterwards. Well, another downside would have to be the waiting time. It took them more than 15 minutes to serve the drinks and the soup and another 15 or so to serve the salad and another 15 for the sandwich. I simply couldn't understand why it took them that long without telling us if were willing to wait at all. Don't get me wrong. The staff was kind and eager to please, especially the kind lady behind the counter who was generous with her smile. 

Despite the waiting time, I still find myself coming back to Almon Marina simply because I love their Soup and Sandwich Combo and of course their salad drizzled with blue cheese.

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  1. when i am in megamall, almon marina is my fave comfort food as well. pagpuno, saka lang ako lilipat sa podium to eat at borough.

  2. I like some sandwiches here as long as it doesn't have mayonnaise or any creamy/ mayo-based dressing :D