Monday, July 11, 2011

Changing Hair Colors? Check Out My Mini-Revlon Hair Color Swatches First!

Anxious to change your hair color but don't know which Revlon hair color to choose from? Don't fret. Just take a look at these swatches, click on my reviews down below and decide which tint will look best on you.

Here are the links:

Revlon Colorsilk No. 49 in Auburn Brown

Revlon Colorsilk No. 31 in Dark Auburn

Revlon Colorsilk Luminista No. 150 in Red

Next Week's Review: Revlon Colorsilk No. 145 in Burgundy Brown

All the best!


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  1. There are actually many benefits of IPL technology which became one of the most modern methods of depilação in the business of health and beauty today.

  2. hey there. Got a new hair color but he result is not good. I got uneven hair color. After 2 weeks can I color my hair again w/ the same shade?

  3. hi ann!although i've tried that before, i really don't recommend it for it can be quite damaging to the hair and scalp. wait after four weeks before applying any permanent color. but if you're just after symmetry, you might want to use this l'oreal temporary hair colors called lo'real casting. i've heard that it's gentler on hair although the downside seems to be that it fades more quickly. then again, instead for going for hair color, you might want to try colored hair cellophane to add gloss to your hair so that the unevenness will be less noticeable. i think HBC stores have some affordable cellophane that you can use. i've tried two types, and they seemed okay. i also saw a cellophane tube at WTsons and SM departments stores, but i wasn't able to get their brand names. hope that helps. do let me know, okay?

  4. The Revlon seems to have a very great use for changing your hair color. It was perfectly made materials for giving more wonderful looks on your hair that you will surely love. Hair coloring can really give a big plus for you as a woman since it looks very different from other woman that has only normal hair color.