Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Tony Moly's Red Ginseng Hanbang Mask Sheet Pack ♪♪♪

After a few days of skipping my usual skin care routine accompanied by a 24 hour marathon of watching the Korean period romance Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I decided to give Tony Moly's Red Ginseng Hanbang Mask Sheet a try. I thought that perhaps it can bring some needed moisture and glow back to my dull skin.

Red Ginseng is believed to be an important element in evening out facial contours and softening the skin at the same time. On the other hand, the word hanbang has piqued my interest somehow which made me  wonder what it really stood for. So I did what any respectable blogger would do--I googled it! According to Gil Soo Han, Hanbang is a two-fold traditional Korean herb medical practice which zeroes in on two fields: acupuncture and herb medicine (herb medicine and curative medicine known as "poyak").

According to the Tony Moly Global Website, this particular mask sheet makes use of this practice by including ingredients intrinsic in Hanbang to penetrate the skin and maintain much needed moisture.

I bought this when Tony Moly opened its very first store in SM City Fairview, but it was only two nights ago that I was able to use it.

As you can see, there's no English translation at the back; but, the four-step diagram on how to use the mask together with the 20-30 sign which is highlighted on the third filmstrip, was quite enough to serve as instructions.

The mask sheet was very damp yet not dripping wet.

The sheet really smelled like red ginseng which was almost medicinal in nature and conveyed sublime traces of liniment in the upper register. I'm certain of this because not too long ago, I drank red ginseng tea three times a day!  

When I unfolded the mask sheet, it turned out that it was not divided into two portions, unlike the Etude House mask sheet I've tried before. I also noticed that the sheet was quite larger than those from Etude House and The Face Shop.

Proof was that the mask sheet extended beyond my forehead, chin and almost reached my ears!

I am very happy with the mask size because I felt that it had better coverage on the face; thus, making it more effective in a way.

When I checked the previous photo, I saw that I wasn't able to cover my nose entirely. When I stretched that area, I was surprised that it revealed an extra sheet for the nose. 

Although the package diagram was quite specific about its 20 to 30 minute rule, I let the mask sheet stay on my face for an hour 15 minutes because it was still quite damp, the evidence would have to be this photo taken when I was standing up. It still stuck to my face like glue even beyond the prescribed time! Thank goodness, I didn't have any skin irritations at all. 

What I love about it beside its size, is its cooling sensation which I felt all throughout the procedure. My skin felt rested, refreshed, hydrated and appeared more even toned and fairer. It didn't break me out at all which was a really good sign. And because of this, I'm certainly looking forward to using my other Tony Moly mask sheets in the coming days. 

Red Ginseng Hanbang Mask Sheet Pack is recommended for all skin types. It is available at Tony Moly SM City Fairview and SM Megamall for Php 98.00.

For inquiries, simply "like" Tony Moly Philippines on Facebook.


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  1. omg scandal! grabe i love love that drama! song joongki stole practically every scene he is in. and ang hawt ni yoochun with his hair up! i love that ensemble cast ;-)
    but ey red ginseng is for dry skin right?

  2. i love TM too! great review:))

  3. you're so right marge!thumbs up for S. Scandal!ang gandah!!!yeah. i asked the staff if it's okay for oily skin, and the beauty consultants said, for all skin types ang red ginseng...

  4. thanks so much wickeRmoss for the visit and the kind words. can't wait to visit your site!

  5. you're so right marge!thumbs up for S. Scandal!ang gandah!!!yeah. i asked the staff if it's okay for oily skin, and the beauty consultants said, for all skin types ang red ginseng...

  6. I love Sungkyunkwan Scandal too. Super! ;D Actually, almost everything Korean. Frustrated...haha ;D Thanks for the review. I hope to make it to Manila soon to start hauling from Tony Moly. :-D

  7. hi Des!thanks so much for the visit!wow! Korean sisters!!!!! TM is waiting for you! Fighting!

  8. Thanks for review, (I have mask from FACESHOP Red Ginseng)

  9. Hi Dasha! Did you also like it as much as I did? Thanks for the visit!