Monday, June 6, 2011

Exploring the Easter Weaving Room in Baguio City

The Easter Weaving Room in Baguio overflows with all the traditional elements associated with Cordilleran culture. 

Since its inception in 1909, it has attracted millions of tourists, both local and foreign, and has succeeded at the same time to give all of us a taste of Cordilleran life and art through their one-of-a-kind products. Although I have been here before, everything seemed so new to me! It was as if the place presented itself in a fresh, more dynamic way.

We saw a variety of jackets, sweaters, tops and dresses...

...paired with distinctly crafted accessories which brought new meaning to the word fashion!

Walking through the aisles, we were welcomed by truckloads of place mats and area rugs...

...and rows of splendid-looking ikat textile which prompted us to go downstairs and see for ourselves how this kind of fabric is indeed created.

Two hardworking women told us that before the weaving process can actually start, of course, they need to put in spools of thread first on the wooden tool.

And then the weaving begins which takes days from what I was told.

Until you see a glimpse of what the ikat fabric will look like in the end.

Although the women here are quite shy to be caught in camera, they remained warm and at the same time focused in what they do. When we entered, I noticed that the room was actually devoid of any conversations, with just the sound of the weaving reverberating in the room. It was indeed an excellent tool to teach Tutapel about the dignity of honest labor and the indomitable spirit of these women in expressing Filipino ingenuity at its absolute best!

How to Get Here: (Courtesy of

By private transportation: From Burnham Park, which is at the heart of Baguio City, climb up Abanao Road, past Camp Allen and at the stoplight turn right to Bokawkan Road, head downhill and turn left to Easter Road, travelling for a few hundred meters more until you see Easter Weaving Room to your right.

By taxi cab: All taxi drivers in Baguio City know the location of Easter Weaving (or Easter Road for that matter) so just tell the driver where to take you. The cost should be about Php50 of USD1.00 from the Central Business District (Session Road or Burnham Park).


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