Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tony & Jackey SM City Fairview Anniversary Promo

When I saw that T & J offers rebonding for as low as Php 1500, well that got my attention. It turns out that it is just one of the many discounted services they are offering to celebrate their 9th Anniversary. I didn't imagine that this salon has been here in the country for almost a decade now.  

To give you an idea about their promo prices and packages, here's their sample flyer. 

I believe that when it comes to rebonding and hair color, you're most likely to ask if it's for all hair lengths, right? Before you book a service, it's wise to inquire first. Try calling 352-1825 for further queries. It's also worth noting that as far as I know, T & J does not accept credit card payments. You might want to consider that before giving your hair a much needed boost to avoid breaking the bank in the process. 


Monday, June 27, 2011

Must Read: Freeway Clothing Line & Hamon ng Lahi Honor National Artist F. Sionil Jose (With Some Timeless Quotes)

Whenever I pass by Freeway...

...I can't help but remember my two favorite purchases from a couple of  years back.

I call this my "Joo Yoo Rin Jacket" for Lee Da-hae  sported almost the same one in the popular Korean drama My Girl.

And of course the heart-shaped pendant that I'm sometimes seen in, also came from there. I ditched the tummy-long chain though in favor of this short, tiny alternative.

But that night, my usual window shopping became a lot more interesting when I saw this poster dubbed "Freeway Honors National Artist F. Sionil Jose." It's pretty refreshing for a clothing company to have come up with this one-of-a-kind idea of combining literature and fashion. Whoever thought of this certainly had inside him or her a fervor for the arts, history and our country in general.

On the lower portion of this black mini, a portion of F. Sionil' Jose's (December 3, 1924) writings is seen:
...Darkness descended over my vanquished city.
Sitting there alone on the rocks,
before me,
the wreckage of sunken ships on
the bay.
I remember that I had 

Same thing is done in this gray mini...

A closer look revealed this brilliant statement by the national artist:
"If we love 
then let us 
to sacrifice 

Isn't that how true freedom is really achieved? More about Freeway's fashion forward move in this Sarimanok.ph Coverage: Freeway Presents F. Sionil Jose.

I have been very much interested in Mr. Jose's works for sometime now ever since I attended this seminar entitled Hamon ng Lahi made possible by Creative Futures and HistoryKo.org...

...last August 21, 2010 held at Crossroad 77 in Mother Ignacia, Q.C. It was a three-hour discussion with a group of curious learners from HistoryKo.org asking Mr. Jose about what he thought on a variety of subjects ranging from family to Pacquiao to our colonized minds. What I loved about him was his candor, honesty and unusual wit brought about by a deep introspection about life and nationalistic spirit for the past 87 years.

Here's a summary of some of the things that he said which certainly made an impact on me:

Although he has displayed a lack of understanding on some things, he succeeded as a boxer because of these three elements:
  a.  Hard work and discipline.
  b.  He competes in the field that he's good at and gives it his all.

*  If you think my book is easy to read, it's because the writing part has been difficult.

Japan is Japan because japanese industry and craftsmanship have been honed since childhood.

*  We don't have anything that will glorifiy our past.
*  The Code of Kalantiaw is not true!

*  "Liberty is in the heart, when it dies there, no constitution can ever revive it."
*  "Our sense of history is close to our sense of nation."

*  It takes a foreigner to appreciate us because of our colonized minds.
*  The migration of Filipino musicians to Singapore has helped fill its symphony orchestra by around 50%.

*  He found a way to be financially independent through his bookstore business that was why he wasn't afraid to tell politicians about his thoughts and suggestions. "He who has independent means has independent rules," he said.

Proof is this must-read article: An Open Letter to Noynoy by F. Sionil Jose. If you are a truth-seeker and remains unbiased, you'll understand that Mr. Jose's best gift is telling the truth as it is. Mark these statements:

*   "From your comfortable and privileged cocoon, you know so little of our country and people. Seek the help of the best — and the best do not normally want to work in government and neither will they approach you. You have to seek them."

*  "Your father wanted to destroy the most formidable obstacle to our progress — the Oligarchy to which you and your family belong. To succeed, you have to betray your class. If you cannot smash the oligarchy, at least strive to have their wealth develop this country, that they bring back the billions they stashed abroad. You cannot do this in six years, but you can begin."

*  "She became president only because her husband was murdered and you became president elect only because your mother died. Still, you are your father’s son and may you now — for the good of this country and people — scale the heights he and your mother never reached."

*  Read books!

*  Study where power comes from. Ask yourself these questions: 
   a.  How is it used?
   b.  Is it used for the benefit of justice? Remember: Justice is the greatest virtue in society.

*  Give the best education you can ever give to your kids.
*  Talk to your children about life on the dinner table.
*  Tell them not to waste any type of food served on their plates.
*  Tell them that the food they just ate came from honest labor: "Walang nakaw, galing sa pawis!"  

Many regard Mr. Jose as a sage of our times to whom we should continually learn from while he is still with us. It's really a good thing that Creative Futures and HistoryKo.org had the foresight of  holding that wonderful table talk which later on created nationalistic waves in mainstream media. After all, we really can't get enough of F. Sionil Jose's fascinating take on life that's why we need more venues to promote his writings to our kababayan who still don't know much about him despite his decade-long popularity abroad.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Timeless Confection Diaries: Spotted Artists, Fashion & Accessories

Just in case you missed my entries on this subject matter...

..simply click this link: Spotted Artists, Fashion & Accessories.

Do stay tuned to my Favorite "Gift" Bag Collection entry this week on Timeless Confection.

Have a blessed day!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Face Shop Mask Sheet Guide Plus A Review of Red Ginseng & Cnidium Officinale ♪♪♪

Truth is, whenever I purchase any mask from The Face Shop, I turn to this guide which I got for free a few years back, and start my search. That means, even before I go to the TFS store, I already have a list of what I intend to buy.

The guide is a fun, easy way to find out which particular masks are perfect for my skin type and which ones are not. All I need to do is to choose from the ones under the All Skin TypesOily to Combination or  Mature labels and I'm ready to go shopping! 

That day, I wanted to care for my 39-ish skin and so among my purchases involved this rather unusually named mask sheet: Qi (Chi) from the Imperial Herbs Product Range, especially made for mature skin. According to package info, this particular mask sheet is drawn from an ancient imperial prescription of five medicinal herbs that include twinleaf and asparagus root extracts to revitalize, hydrate skin. 

At the back, I found out this info:
*  Red Ginseng is good in providing strength and energy for the saponins in Red Ginseng help even out facial contours and soften skin.
* Cnidium Officinale promotes and improves circulation and also revitalizes, nourishes skin.

Just like any mask sheet from The Face Shop, this one is almost dripping wet with extra essence left in the package. The Red Ginseng scent is not that apparent compared to Tony Moly's Red Ginseng Hanbang Mask Sheet. In fact it's very fragrant and doesn't have that mysteriously unique scent you expected considering all the imperial herbs jargon. 

As you can see, the mask sheet is somewhat thinner than Tony Moly's or is it because it is covered with a little bit more essence than TM? Hmmmm.....

The essence is all over my hands, and considering my thrifty nature, I was actually glad because I had reason to use it as  "free hand cream!"

The size is just about right, although I read some reviews from Caucasian bloggers who found the mask smaller than their faces. 

As you can see, the mask fitted me quite well enough.

I left the mask sheet on my face for almost 40 minutes, a good 20 minutes longer than what is usually prescribed in the package. I don't know if it's just the weather, but the mask sheet dried out much faster than Tony Moly's which I had on for an hour fifteen minutes!

Since I've been  using TFS mask sheets for quite a long while, I know that almost four tablespoons of essence are still lurking at the bottom of the package. How can I say no to some freebies?

So even though I've finished with the mask sheet, I still slathered some essence on my face for that extra something. 

The Upside:
*  I like the fragrant scent which is not too overpowering.
*  It did not break me out at all.
*  It provides extra essence that I can just slather on later.
*  I love the idea that I'm using some form of ancient herbal ingredients to soothe my skin.

The Downside:
*  Since the mask sheet is a little thinner and is dripping wet, I had difficulty putting it on my face without worrying if it will tear or not.
*   Although I know that the extra essence is good for my skin, it feels a little bit sticky to my liking.
*  Despite all the imperial jargon, it boils down to following proper skin care in the end, since the use of masks, is simply just one of them. But if you regularly use it, you'll see the distinct difference in your skin in terms of suppleness and elasticity.

Qi (Energy) Mask Sheet: Red Ginseng & Cnidium Officinale is sold for Php 125 at all The Face Shop branches nationwide.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spotted: Nina at SM City Fairview

It was jampacked once again at SM City Fairview last Sunday afternoon and so I attributed it mostly to Father's Day.

But when I saw who was onstage, I quickly changed my mind and gave the famous singer partial credit for the crowd.

Nina Girado, or fondly called Nina by the adoring public, still carried with her the magic generated by her third album's mega success. As you all know, Nina Live! has been certified Diamond by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI) in 2009. Although Nina has already come out with her latest album featuring some timeless covers just like Somewhere Down the Road, I think it will be hard for her not to oblige her fans with songs that have been very much associated with her. And that was what she just did.

Here's a peek at Nina's Father's Day Concert.

                           Courtesy of  dssoan's Channel



Monday, June 20, 2011

Rizal's Tinola: Musings on GMA News TV's Piging Para Kay Pepe (Ika-150 Kaarawan ni Rizal)

If Rizal were alive today, I believe with all my heart, that aside from writing books, he will most definitely be maintaining a food blog considering all the dishes chronicled in his writings.

                     Rizal's oil portrait ( 1883) by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo

Imagine my elation, when last night, I came across GMA Channel 7's PIGING PARA KAY PEPE, a fresh take on our national hero's extraordinary life by focusing on a whole spectrum of dishes featured in his published works and personal letters. This first-ever food documentary was hip and the whole dynamics presented by the feature were both clever and current. Award-winning actor Cesar Montano hosted the show which provided another dimension of credibility, considering his timeless, almost flawless portrayal of our national hero in the movie Rizal, produced by GMA Films.

A number of experts were interviewed to expound on the dishes' role in the hero's life, in his immediate family and circle of friends' as well as the dishes' significance in  the Filipinos' fight against tyrannical Spain. What's more, a number of gifted cooks were also there to bring life to the original dishes by authentically choosing similar ingredients and replicating the manner in which they were cooked.

Here's the feature's flavorful teaser.  

This special was directed by Rico Gutierrez and produced by GMA News and Public Affairs. I truly hope that they will come out with a DVD pretty soon so that more people will get a taste of this deliciously crafted TV documentary.

Looking back, one of the dishes that really caught my attention was the way the tinola was cooked. While watching, Bala asked me what was the orange stuff on top. I told him, kalabasa (squash). I can't help but cringe at the thought of including squash in the dish. All this time, I was taught to put in either papaya or sayote, but not squash. For sure, it will disintegrate, especially if it is too ripe, and may even find itself mashed in the process. 

Being a self-confessed foodie, I can't help but find out for myself if Rizal's tinola really featured the controversial kalabasa. I reached for my dad's copy of the Social Cancer, the English version of Rizal's Noli Me Tangere, where the tinola dish was mentioned in the first place.

Somewhere in The Dinner chapter, Don Santiago de los Santos, fondly known as Capitan Tiago gave a dinner on the last of October. He served Chicken Tinola and during serving, the novel's antagonist, Padre Damaso, received the neck part which was deemed the most important part of the chicken and was reserved only for the guest of honor. One of the experts featured in the TV show mentioned that the priest took this as an insult.

Reading on, I found what I've been looking for--squash was mentioned at last.

It's funny that I have learned so much about Rizal just by focusing on the way tinola was cooked during his time. It's really true that if you want to know more about a person, you have to learn about his unique palate and what he puts on his plate. I guess, I need to cook my next Tinola ala Rizal to somehow get a partial understanding of what he was really like. 

Next: Stay tuned for my Musings on Che-che Lazaro Presents Ang Tunay na Pag-Ibig ni Lolo Jose


Friday, June 17, 2011

Etude House Philippines Grand Sale from June 15-21, 2011

Hello skin care & make-up fanatics! You'll be more than ecstatic to know that Etude House Philippines will be having a grand sale until June 21, 2011!

If you're still thinking on what to purchase at the sale, check out this link for some of my recommendations: Timeless Confection Skin Care & Make-Up Reviews

For additional queries, simply "like" Etude House Philippines on Facebook.

Happy shopping!